I am always interested to see other coops so I thought I would post a bit about our new coop!


OK, thanks to my great partner, our “Big” coop is done and the five hens have been living in there a month or so. I still let them out to free range during the day. The coop was designed around the skylight roof and a slide out tray in the bottom. Items we had on hand and had no other use for!


Thanks to a great tip, I am using sand as litter in the coop floor. It is easy to rake out and keep clean. I tried shavings but they were a bit too soggy and damp for me, making it harder to keep  the tray clean. The west wall is removable to allow air flow and sun to enter during the dryer days, and the south wall is removable for a deeper cleaning.

The two nesting boxes are off to the right and quite large! The roof lifts up for egg collection.


There is a run attached of approximately 6 x12. The run is behind our shed to give them a break from wind and rain. We also found it best to put a tarp over the roof of the run in bad weather!

This is a great set up for me and our weather! The girls have been nice and dry in our rain storms! And they have enough space I don’t have to wake up early and let them out!

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