THE pet round up #2…Cats!

So, As you can see it can be difficult to get work done with the cats around!

DSCF3031 DSCF5003

Squeaks pictured above, Mia and her kid, Flirty.

In good weather the cats all head outside to fight over who gets to sit on the spa cover!


Ferral, was the days winner. He was a stray but after we caught him and got him fixed he decided to hang around.


Squeaks was our bottle baby. We found him at about 3 days old abandoned in the bushes and bottle fed him until he could eat on his own. He was so cute as a baby but with no litter mates to socialize him we had to dub him SQUEAKS the DAEMON cat!


Occasionally we have to go to the vet and our FAVORITE vet is Dr. Goza at Columbia Vet Hospital. Everyone is great who works there and they are really trying to do the best for your animal!

Our kitty Flirty came home one day, limped in to the living room and started crying. The problem? She had broken one leg and de-gloved the opposite hind. How it happened we are not sure, but it looks like she could have been caught in a clamp type trap used by hunters to catch racoons and foxes.

Flirty in wraps.

Poor thing, we thought she was a goner. But we rushed her to the vet hoping for the best,  and he patched her up in surgery right away. Two months of wrapped legs and vet visits and she is now zipping around like any other kitty!

Peekey is our favorite perfect little kitty. She was rescued in California as a baby and we got her from the rescue group in 2000.
DSCF8427 Chicks 025

Finally, we have Sprocket who was rescued as a stray from my Mom’s house.


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