THE pet round up… featuring MICKEY THE DOG!

So on our 1/3 acre homestead we have a few crucial family members I have not introduced so far…

Most valued and first to greet you is MICKEY the dog!mickey crp 1

We take him almost everywhere with us…

677 stuff oct 23 2011 061Aus 20 2011 SP art and mickey beach 067

We feed him a raw diet based on the prey model raw or wolf diet. I don’t find it costs anymore that regular canned food and his coat, teeth and health attest to the benefits of prey model raw!

mickey body 2

mickey body mickey face shot 2011

He was given to us as a puppy and we are so lucky to have him…mickey baby mickey and ziggy

He is a great livestock guardian for our Hens during the day and he watches the yard to keep racoons, eagles, seagulls, hawks, crows and other predators away.

He loves people, kids, and other dogs….he tolerates the cats as best as he can.mickey crop body If you look at my other posts you will see him in the back ground watching the chicks and hens!

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