THE pet round up #3 Horses oh my!

Kelly_n_Foxy 015_crop

I grew up with horses but like so many other horse-girls life happens. College came along and I found myself horseless. I took the college years to lease a horse here and there or ride friends horses. Finally, when I graduated and “got a real job”, and with the love and support of my partner, I bought myself another horse.

foxy face

Foxy is a Thoroughbred, but although he is tattooed (meaning he may have had a trial on the race track) he was not raced and his career and a hunter/jumper/dressage prospect took off at 4 years old. I bought him at 8 years old in 2001. He is 20 now and still quite spunky.

Body condition 8 31 2011 left

Since 2006,  I have given riding lessons on Foxy and other lesson horses. My specialty is in English Hunters and all around trail riding. I also teach basic skills in riding and working with horses. I now give lessons for students with their own horse or leasing a horse. I also recommend Patty at Youngs River Ranch for western riding lessons or students new to riding.

Here is Foxy with his favorite riding pals at our last show in 2010.

IMG_0854 IMG_0856

We are now at a private barn so no covered arena, a must for serious training in the Pac NW. But we are both slowing down a bit and enjoying life!

body score t

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