Photo update for the Beach Chat Eau: Duck Babies


Above, our first set of duck babies from May 2014 and them all grown up, in September below!

We brought in an old ceder dog house for the banties and you can see our waterfall form re-purposed as duck waterer.


Our latest set of duck babies and their mama, Beauty, a new Chat Eau addition.

IMG_20140910_095527721 IMG_20140910_095621026   

Social hour under the twin berry bush.

IMG_20140910_132006047 IMG_20140910_132145834

Here our broodie, aussie photo bombs the ducks.



and you can see the ducks have warmed up to the kiddie pool…despite the garish blue color…IMG_20140910_132655191_HDR

Garden shots

 IMG_20140910_131631963 IMG_20140910_131650571

The two new Easter Eggers: Salt and Pepper, on right and on the left Aussie and Wellie the older girls..

IMG_20140910_131914086 IMG_20140910_131918421

Daddy Lavender growing his wing feathers back from his first molt.

IMG_20140910_131133826 IMG_20140910_132511346 


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