October update: Indian summer

We have had an extended period of sun for the North Coast in October.


I believe this led to our Banty Mulan deciding to start laying this last week. She was one of the three hatched this spring (the boys have been rehomed to a farm in Naselle).


She is still small herself and she lays tiny little white eggs. The center one is hers.

Isn’t it  just so cute!


The gang has been hanging under their favorite shrub.

IMG_20140910_131208481 (1) IMG_20140910_131228932

The duck babies are 4 weeks old now and the mama duck has taken them out and about.

IMG_20140928_083527675 IMG_20140928_083533301

They even visited the apple duckling gang under the prize shrub (a native twin berry bush).

IMG_20140928_154108139 IMG_20140928_140337957

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