Building your horse’s confidence should always be the priority

Thoughts on Dressage

photo (7)Horses by nature are suspicious, claustrophobic, fleeing animals. This is how they evolved over thousands of years in order to survive. The horses we know today are semi-domesticated; they are not genetically the same as their ancestors, they have in part adapted physiologically and mentally to humans and their domesticated lifestyle.

So we are left with a creature that has two hooves in the natural world and two hooves in a human-mediated world. Unfortunately for horses, this often means that many would struggle if released into nature without human-care. For example, many would not be able to handle the elements, their feet would severely suffer, they would lose substantial weight. On the other hand, many horses that live in a human-mediated world are forced to do things their instincts tell them would lead them to certain death, for example walking over a tarp or jumping over a narrow fence. In other cases, horses are…

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