Nala the wonder horse… AKA FEMA JC reg and Nola.

After trying 20 or so horses, I brought Nala home last Sunday for a 30 day  trial.


She had been stalled for the last 6 months and she was having some behavioral issues possibly related to lack of turnout (bucking at the canter, rearing on the lunge line, wind sucking). But once she got going her gaits were nice and smooth and it’s clear she has had some nice basic training.

Here she is ready for our second trial ride.

nola 1

Here she is getting to know Mocha!


Nalla’s first day. We would like to see her gain some weight and muscle.


She has been at the barn a week.


This is her sale pic from her last mom, I believe it was taken in Texas.


Look at that shiny coat! (Another TX shot)

nola  tx

Dirty from rolling in the sand!

gwen 2

Over the last week; she had time in turn out, met the other horses and the goat, and had her feet trimmed.

IMG_20150309_094310748gwen 3

We had our first beach ride today. She handled everything very well! She is a thinker!

beach day 3

We did a bit of ground work to introduce her to the waves.

.beach daybeach day 1

I am hopeful she will make a nice trail horse for the beach and school some dressage.

She also has a history of jumping!


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