Nala Day 19: Lunging with side reins.

This is our 3rd time using side reins.

IMG_20150319_131840760 IMG_20150319_131854755

We are working to allow Nala to round her back and use her hind end.

IMG_20150319_133919047 IMG_20150319_133921029

Dr Hunter our Vet came out today and he says her flexion test is fine, she moves with a bit of a drop in her left hip but that’s just the way she is…

IMG_20150319_134026257 IMG_20150319_134036178

Once she muscles up a bit more she should be fine.

IMG_20150319_134039407 IMG_20150319_134043745

She shares some of Foxy’s ancestors including Whata Pleasure, and War Admiral and Crafty Admiral both from the Man O War line.

IMG_20150319_134110638 IMG_20150319_134115871

Stretching out!


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