Chronicles of the Brown Horse: Nala Week 4: photo log and progress notes.

Nala did well on day 21, lunging with side reins and riding around the 100 acres of land.


Day 22:

body shot carrot lady downhill got carrots hey you hi i behing it is it behind me yummy

Day 24:


We are still lunging with side reins. She had two days off due to rain and was quite spunky dropping into race horse mode. I worked on transitions on the lunge to get her to focus.


Then we went on a light hack around the fields. I did readjust my pad before riding as it slipped back a bit while lunging!

d24 b

Her hind end is starting to show some muscle development compared to when she arrived at the start of the month. She is also engaging her hind end and rounding more on the lunge and today under saddle during trot sets she rounded and stretched!


Day 26:

We had yesterday off due to rain and the horses stayed in their stalls.

Nala was in race horse mode when lunging. This high energy was not helped when another horse went riding down in the fields from the neighbors. So we did quite a bit of lunging. Towards the end after insisting on transitions to the trot she calmed down. The I got on and intended to do a cool out trail ride.


My barn mate Patty was their with her horse Shy and we went around the fields and lake bank on a nice ride. We encountered elk and ducks flying out of bushes and the silly goat came with us! Nala did really well!


We got back and Patty put the other horses away while I did a few trot sets. Then I put Nala way for her dinner.


Just about that time Patty discovered her phone missing and we saddled the horses back up and retraced our steps. Her dog found the phone on the side of the trail. Both horses did really well considering we pulled them off their dinner.


Day 28:


We did lots of ground work today in the rope halter. We did lunge work on the lead rope, about 10′. She is doing well backing and yielding the hip. We need to work on yielding the right shoulder.

While doing ground work a yoga ball blew down the hill at us so it became a learning experience. Look at that awkward stance! She allowed me to touch her with the ball on her nose and shoulder after a few minutes of circling the scary object.

ball shot

We also went on a long in hand trail walk with my sister, Lori and the dog, Mickey.

bs shot 3 28 15

She was nervous on the way out but settled fine on the way back.


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