What are we Feeding: Nala Body Score: Photo Records: The First Month

40 days to a new horse!


It is hard to see a horse slowly gaining weight and muscle. She is also shedding.

These shots are meant to track her physical progress, from her arrival at our barn on March 1, 2015.

Body score shots from:

Day one (3/1) left vs. Day 30 (3/30) right!

BS 1 day onebs3edt

Day one (3/1) left vs.  Day 29 (3/29) right.

bs2 day 1bs 1 d 29

Day 21 (3/21) Left vs. Day 31 (3/31)  Right

IMG_20150321_15230967415 - 1 (3)

Day 22 (3/22) Left vs.  Day 34 (4/3) Right

body shot IMG_20150403_143844507

Day 21 (3/21) Right vs. Day 34 (4/3) Left

bs1 D 21n3

Ok, so what are we feeding to get these results?

Nala, (Her JC name is FEMA), came to me on Smart Gut supplement from Smart pack.

At her old barn, she was eating grass hay and 3 cups rice bran. She was stalled 24 hours a day through the winter with some occasional lunging for exercise. She was wormed with Pyrantel pamoate just before her arrival.

We have kept her on the smart gut for the month of March to ease her transition in moving. She is turned out 8-12 hours a day weather permitting on 6 acres grass, with 4 other mares. She has two 5 gallon buckets of water in her stall and she will drink more than one bucket some nights.

We are feeding:

1) Free Choice grass hay (Timothy mostly, some orchard mixed in). She eats 2.5 to 3 flakes a night, we have a half barrel ground feeder and pack it with hay (about 30#, 3+ flakes),

2) A large flake Alfalfa at night, about 10# (per our vet recommendation for TB’s),

3) A 3# coffee can of Nutrena Senior twice a day (It has rice bran, beet pup and flax in the mix),

This was for the first three weeks… then week three we added…

4)  BOSS, Black Oil Sunflower seeds, 1.5 cups, twice a day,

And recently, week four, we added…

5) Rice bran, two cups, twice a day, the generic pelleted kind.

She is shedding out very nicely.

The only treats she likes are carrots and we feed a few daily.

She will eat apple and oats cookies but they are just ok.

Update from Day 40: You can really see the shine in her coat!

d40bs8 d 40 bs1d40bs4d 40 bs2

Week 10:


4 months later:

bs2e6th 2


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