Chronicles of the Brown Horse: Week 6: Nala’s Dad, hoof trim and updates.

I wrote to Nala’s breeder and today I received a photo of her father, Corwyn as a two year old (Below Left photo). His dad was Seattle Slew!

They do look very similar, both bay with black legs and big feet!

corwyn 2yrbs 4 6 15

Day 35: 4/6: Just a small bit of ground work with the bag on a stick and lunging for a few minutes.


She moved with a relaxed lower lip on the lunge and was not high energy today. Mostly she wanted to graze in the big field. We took it slow today, she has a runny nose, I hope from allergies like her barn mate Mocha. I also have allergies, I think from the spring pollen and hay dust.


Day 39: 4/8:   I have a bit of a cold so we just did a bit of ground work, and carrot stretches.

Below are some body score shots and fun shots. Yes, I banged her tail yesterday.

bs d 39 a bs d 39 b bs d 39 c bs d 39 IMG_20150408_194733276 IMG_20150408_194746717_HDR.

Day 40: 4/9

We did an in hand trail walk and ground work. He feet are due to be trimmed tomorrow.

d40bs4 d40bs7.

You can really see the shine coming in on her new her coat today.d40bs3d 40 bs1

Rear BS shot day 40 compared to a shot of Day 3. She looks like a different horse!

d 40 bs2bs week 1a.

Day 41: 4/10/15

Nala had her feet trimmed this morning (trim 2 with me) and she stood really well! I did some ground work with her and she was high energy, then we went back in the barn and did carrot stretches. She was trimmed in the barn while the other horses had breakfast inside. (Waiting for farrier left,  all done right)

d41c trimmed 2

Her left front is just bigger than her other feet and she is still growing the nail holes out from pulling her front shoes.

trim 2 aIMG_20150410_102225650

She had a blow out in her right rear,

trim 2 b trim 2 blowout

Mike used a dremel and filled the hole with epoxy.

trim 2  blow bowout filled

Once it cured he sanded it flat.


All done and out with the gang.

D 41 a in the filed

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