7 Tips on Dating an Equestrian

HA ha, I think this is a bit over the top but this guy is such a good sport! FYI: My partner assures me this is spot on!


Alright. You’ve met a girl. She’s smart, funny and she doesn’t judge you for spending more time watching Netflix than she does. She’s got every little thing down that you want in a girl but you don’t know her that well. So say one day, you’re hanging out and getting to know each other and she invites you out to this place called “the barn”. Is it a Country bar? Nope. Is it that old beat up looking building you see driving on country roads? You know… it just might be. You’ll find out soon enough.

You get there. It’s a culture shock. You realize very quickly you’ve made a grand error in wearing your brand new clothes you got from Bootlegger and Air Jordans that YOU DID NOT BUY ON CLEARANCE. You stepped in horse poo and discovered in a conversation with a disgruntled old lady that a “stallion”…

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