Broody Banties!

We have three banty hens and all three are going broody.

First is Thelma or Buttercup. She is trying to takeover the duck house to lay her eggs!

IMG_20150408_122541643 IMG_20150408_122639759

Next is Louise. She lays blue eggs. She hatched out donated eggs last spring and fall.IMG_20150408_122755184IMG_20140524_173201468

She is a great mom! She hatched full size eggs this fall, and her hatch last spring was a few banties. Mulan (below) was her baby.


Mulan started laying last fall and has gone broody this spring!

To introduce fertile eggs to them , since we do not have a rooster, I give them golf balls, placed in the nest box to sit on. Once they have sat on the golf balls 5-7 days I will switch them out for fertile eggs.

It is so much easier to let the hens raise chicks. I have also heard of giving day old babies to broody chicks switching the eggs for chicks at night. We have had luck with this method for our broody duck. but we have not tried it with live chicks yet!

These girls do lay fairly well.

Two lay off white eggs and the smaller blue eggs are from Louise.


Our Muscovy girls are also sitting and we expect to have 20+ lavender ducklings up for sale next month!

4 breeding Lavs Hansel and pal

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