Chronicles of the Brown Horse: Week 7: The bitless bridle.



After a week off due to my cold, I lunged today with side reins. Nala kept stopping at the canter. I let the reins out a hole and she moved much better.


After she was calm I decided to ride the fields a bit in the bitless bridle.


We mostly walked with a bit of trot, both flat and up hills and grazed.


Our first time bitless! She is learning to steer side to side in the bitless.IMG_20150415_173115280 IMG_20150415_172648005

We also herded the dog and goat!


She is getting a good shine on her new coat!

IMG_20150415_180504668 IMG_20150415_181015237IMG_20150415_180434985 IMG_20150415_181119154



Today we did ground work with two poles, a blue plastic tarp and a green canvas tarp.


Then we hand walked the hills and ended the day due to high winds.



Day 1 v. Day 48

BS 1 day onebs 4 17 15

Day 2 v. Day 40

BS day 2 3 2 15 bs day 40 4 91 5



The wind has really picked up in the afternoon and 20 MPH can be a bit spooky to my horse and unpleasant for me. So, we have done some more ground work. Leading over poles, over a canvas tarp, and walking by a flapping blue tarp. We also did some drag work with a flowered lei and a stuffed teddy bear. We plan to ride 4/19 with another horse.

Nala is very alert, some of these shots are her watching  when someone went walking by with dogs almost 3 blocks away on the dune!

IMG_20150418_193726887  IMG_20150418_193800038


I also started tying her hay bin to the wall since she was dragging in around her stall and tossing hay everywhere.


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