Chronicles of the Brown Horse: Week 8: bitless trail rides

4/19/5 I got Nala tacked up today in her new blue pad (yeay, yard sale!) ! 2 She was fairly relaxed on the lunge, she transitioned trot to canter and back calmly. 9 8 14

She was quite interested in a motor cross rider up on the dune.


We rode with Shy and Patty in the bitless bridle and Nala was great. We even cantered with out incident. Then we rode another loop with a neighbor Julie and her gelding. Nala was a bit snarky to the gelding but other than pinning her ears she did well. Once we separated from the other horse to go back to the barn she did get a bit nervous and we had a spook incident where it felt like she sat down and jumped forward (in .11 seconds) but I rode it out and we did a bit more trotting in the barn field and she calmed down. 15


stalking horse

We are having intermittent clouds and wind. Makes for nice photos but not great for riding. After cleaning up the stalls I brought the horses in for dinner. Nala ate her grain then I took her back out for lunging.

outstandingin her field

She was very hyped up and pulled a few “airs above ground” so we moved into the enclosed field and did a bit of lunging on a small circle. Then I turned her loose and moved her away from the barn. It took a few tries but she finally joined up with me and would follow me around the field near the barn, then into her stall.


It does not help to have the other girls calling to her. MARES!

I also took a few measurements today: Her nose is 18″ for a Dr. Cooks style bridle. My horse size one is a bit too big. Our current girth is a 33″ on the dressage saddle, we could go one size down but it is working fine.


Our join up session from yesterday must’ve made an impact. I brought the horses in for dinner and after her grain I took Nala out. Nala was fairly calm today lunged walk, trot, cancer and had nice transitions. She even moved to the relaxed lower lip. She followed nicely behind me respecting my space.

The dominant herdmare Shy  is out of town for clinic so she wasn’t calling to Nala. Rosie did call a bit but Nala was not really affected today, she preferred to graze.

IMG_20150315_130140058 IMG_20150415_181337205

Shy above left, Rosie trying to clime out and graze with Nala above right. (Pics are from last month.)

4/25/15  End of week 8 !

We did a bit of de-spooking with pool noodles and a hula hoop. The hula hoop rattles as it turns and that was of great interest to Nala. She would walk over it on the ground fine but was not sure about it riding on her but.

The pool noodles were not much of an issue until they were tall and over her head. We went over ground poles, a small x, and the pool noodles on the ground as well. She was pretty calm today and led well. I bought wormer to keep her on the two month rotation.

She has been leaving grass hay in her stall, but we may just be giving her too much now she is turned out closer to 12 hours.

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