Chronicles of the Brown Horse: Week 10: A new barn!

We are in the start of fly season and we have added fly masks.

hello hi2

Also, Nala was kicked in her right rear leg this week, so no riding but she is doing well.

IMG_20150501_100445557              trot

Shiny and sassy.shiny

We are moving to a new barn this week for 60 days training with around pen and arena.

1bs 3bs

A few Body score shots before we go.

bs4 bs5

She is so silly. Very alert like watch dog!

hi3 pretty

Nala will have the same size stall (as the one pictured below), but she will not have her buddies.

IMG_20150502_191431980  IMG_20150502_192204159

The new stall is not so open to the barn, it does have a window to the outside and she will get turn out half the day.


Nancy sticked her yesterday, or tried to, Nala was afraid to have the stick move to her withers. She circled me a bit (so I need to work on desensitizing to 1″x 2″ ceder, LOL). Well she got the stick to touch her withers and it says she is right at 15.3H.

5/6/15       THE NEW BARN…

Nala was trailered over this morning. She was very alert to the new barn.

alert   goat field

She had her own field for a few hours to meet everyone and get settled in.

budsturn settling hi

She wants to be out in the big field!


We put her in with two other horses for the afternoon.


3 4

Body score looks good!


I had no idea the volume of horse tack/feed bins/tubs and supplies I have accumulated until I tried to move and store it all! It took half the day to set up her feed and organize tack.

PM:  I returned for the evening feeding to see how Nala settled in. She was nervous in her stall and called for the others until her barn mate came in across the hall and she could see him. Then she calmed right down. This is her window outside.

IMG_20150506_193234148 IMG_20150506_193241356

This is our first day on alfalfa pellets, rather than hay. She was not too excited about the pellets. We’ll give her 3-4 days to settle in and she if she will eat them. She still has three flakes grass hay.





She ate some hay over night but not all the alfalfa pellets. We’ll give her 3 days to adjust and maybe reduce or soak the pellets.

She ran up to me in the field when I walked out and called her.

run up

She did some carrot stretches. And played with her new friends.

IMG_20150507_085253064 IMG_20150507_085257101

Nala’s new barn friend gives kisses!


Mickey has new friends too!




I took Nala out after work. We did some round pen work on the lunge line. Then we hand grazed and groomed.

shadow shine

Then time for bed. There is cute little white cat in the hay loft!



We walked the perimeter of the fields today, hand grazed, did lunging on and off the line in the round pen. Nala joined up well in the round pen and would trot after me. She even cantered a bit while free lunging ( quite a feat since the pen is only 50′).

bs1 bs2 bs3 bs4 bs6 us

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