Chronicles of The Brown Horse: Week 11: BACK TO RIDING! : Body Score update.


Yesterday, I went out to the barn and a friend was going on a trail ride to the beach with her arab mare (24 yrs old). After not Riding Nala for at least a week (due to the kick on her leg) I thought it was time to get back on. I had planed to just ride in the round pen.


I free lunged her in the round pen, and she called out a bit to the other horses before settling and then jointing-up with me.


I saddled her and bridled her at the hitching post. She stood well tied with the easy release blocker rings. Another horse was tied at the the neighboring post so she had company.


I, then lunged in the round pen on the line just a few rounds walk trot to tell her we are now in work. I got on and walked around the round pen and the other horse came into the round pen with us.


We followed her off down the trail to the beach. We encountered chain link fence gaits, a herd of elk, a down hill sandy dune, kids, dogs, kites, para-sailors, cars, and skim boards. Nala did very well. She did not spook or snort at anything! And she wanted to be in the lead a good part of the way out.


We mostly walked with a stretch of extended trotting. She will walk along on a loose rein.


We took the trail back and went through scotch broom, over a log, next to a creek, and past the goats.


I could not have asked for a better trip. NO new pics of the day, since both hands were on the reins 😉 but it was perfect.



Our first month feeding (for weight gain) is listed here:

What we are feeding now:

1) Half of my timothy hay and half of the barns timothy/grass hay. About 20#. We give her a small a hay net AM and leave a large 3 flake hay net in her stall. So she pretty much has free choice hay,

2) I tried to switch her to alfalfa pellets, rather than hay. She is not eating them like I want. SO we leave them in her stall free choice (Up to 6# a day, but she maybe eating like 3#). I may have to soak them, or switch back to alfalfa hay (one flake at night),

3) Nutrena Senior (1/2 of a 3# can twice a day), so approximately 3#’s,

4) Boss 1 cup twice a day,

5) Rice bran 2 cups twice a day.

She also has two water buckets in her stall. She is out in turnout with some grass  7am-6pm (with 2-4 other horses).

Pics of Day ONE March 1st on the left, Last week May 6-7th on the right.


YES this is the SAME horse!



I did a bit of ground work with Nala in the round pen. Then, I took her to the new arena and lunged her. We hand grazed a bit.


I tied her to the hitching post and filed her hoofs (The old nail holes grew out on the fronts and were a bit ragged). She was very good today.


Her Am feeder is reporting that she is eating most of her grain and alfalfa pellets.


Went out and rode in the new arena today.


A black Arabian was also being worked so we had company. Nala was just fine while she was up their, we lunged on the short line, rode, walk/trot and did a few circles and serpentine’s. Once the other horse left we had a bit of a herd bound issue and Nala wanted to get humpy.

grumpy face

I kept riding. We just walked,  leg yielded, backed, and did circles for a while. Then, another horse came back to work (a cute pinto) and We ended our ride. I took off Nala’s bridle and I hand grazed her wile watching the long-lining session of the pretty pinto! It was Nala’s first time in the arena being ridden and she can’t see the barn so she was understandably nervous. I will give her time to get used to this new arena as part of the barn/routine.


First Ride Hunt Seat!


Nala and I were the only ones working out at the barn this afternoon. Nala was a bit herd sour. We did round pen work to calm her down, then lunged in the big arena. She is doing well walk/trot but still not really collected at the canter. She can collect on the side reins ( we have not used them since our move). Just lunging she chooses to run a bit more strung out and does not get her hind end under her.


We then rode in the hunter saddle for the first time! She did great. I did walk trot in the round pen. I was working on the buckle (loose rein) stretching her head and neck down and using my seat ( Not the reins)for steering and transitions. We did a lot of trot work (sitting, posting, alternate rhythm posting, two point). I enjoyed my old saddle but I forgot how much work it is on my ABS!


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