Chronicles of The Brown Horse: Week 12: We Canter and ride the trails.

5/17/15 (NO new pics, since I was riding.)

Just over 10 days at the new barn. We have developed a routine making work in the round pen, relaxing and safe. We have ridden in the arena a few times, the beach once and trails twice.


Today we went on a trail ride with Nala’s field mate, Irish.


Nala did well and was calm. Her second time on this trail. We went over logs, and through bushes, even pushed through branches.


Then we rode in the arena. We were able to canter in the arena without bucking. We  have a new french link eggbutt bit. I think it fits her better than the dee ring she came with. I am happy with her attitude and progress.

Hunter vs. Dressage:


IMG_20150515_153438939grumpy face


A bit of round pen riding walk/trot/halt/back. Then a beach trail ride with Amore the little bay Arab. These pics are from our first beach day back in March, no pics from today ;-(

beach day 3

Nala did great! We even cantered on the beach! As far as we know this was only her third time on the beach! She was a solid trail girl. She only snorted at the wave foam a bit (mostly when it moved in the breeze, or she stepped on it). We even saw a bicycle and a few cars!

beach day 1

She seems to really like the new eggbutt bit (french link) and I think it fits her better, the dee ring (pictured here ) was too big.

beach day


Round pen work, then Hoof trim #3.


Her right rear had epoxy before and today her left rear also got the epoxy treatment. She had a long crack or maybe an old blowout we hope to prevent  running up her hoof. IMG_20150520_175447066IMG_20150520_175443458

and then back out with her buddies!


5/21/15 …. NEW PICS! Beach ride #4!

After a hectic work day it was very nice to have a long beach ride with our buddies!

beach buds beach

We walked, trotted and cantered on the straight line and she did very well. Then towards the end of the ride we tried to navigate a log (maybe 18″ high and about 6′ long). I had to get off and lead Nala over. She jumped it (3-4 times). I then rode her over and she jumped really high to clear the log. I tried a few more times, hoping to make it a routine and she did go over the log but she became very high energy. I wonder if in her past training they over worked her on jumps or allowed her to approach jumps with a bit too much energy? She has some sort of jumping stress.


She did collect very nicely at the trot and canter so flat work is definitely improving! She will brace against your hands if you let her, especially trotting out or cantering, just like a race horse. But she will relax and become softer if you sit and ride with your seat!


She will walk out very nicely on trail and she stays pretty calm on the beach.


She is wearing her new eggbutt french link bit and seems to like it a lot. I need to get her a cob size brow band since the horse size is too big!

Before our ride, we warmed up in the round pen. bs1

Checking current body condition.


5/22/15 Beach ride #5.

Nala was full of race horse energy. She was just fine warming up in the round pen. We trotted over two poles, and worked on transitions. She seemed fairly calm.

After, we went on trail with two new horses down to the beach. One of the horses also had a bit of spunky energy and cantered off from us a few times. Nala was ready to take of after him. I circled her a few times and we did a bit of trotting with the second older horse.  I let her canter a bit in the deeper sand and she did fine. We also worked on lateral movements, circles, bending etc to keep her focus. She spooked at a few more things than normal (smoke, people popping up from behind cars, wave foam, logs etc) so  I am thinking this was just an off day. And I hope schooling her on the log last time did not imprint a high energy time at the beach.

This is the end of week 12!

I am very interested to see how beach ride #6 goes and how week 13 progresses.

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