Chronicles of the Brown Horse: Weeks 15 and 16

cat horse dog



Had a few days off from the barn. We did some join up today and the elk herd came to watch! I had to chase a young elk off with my lunge line!

Body score update: Nala looks great! Today: left,  Day one and two: right.

hot1 n6bs3 gwen 2

She followed me at both walk and trot in the big arena and the round pen. She was also lunging by voice command at liberty/off line (walk, trot, ho, reverse, back)!

my girl

6/10/15 Nice pics today!


Ground work again. We used the plastic bag on a stick. Nala was totally unfazed.


Walk, trot, halt at liberty, join up and carrot stretches.


bsb  head


6/15/15 Top of Week 16!


Back from a weekend out of town.

grr huh

Nala looks great!

relax rvrse

We did some round pen work and rode walk trot. She is now following voice commands for walk, trot, halt, back, canter, reverse, easy.

stride 2 stride

Nice stride length! And she is rounding in the canter when free lunged!

stride1 swish

I would  have taken her down to the beach but my half chaps broke and the neighbor was burning so we saved it for another day!


Just a bit of liberty work in the round pen today. Worked with two ground poles, walk/trot. Nala calmed and joined up very well.

Also this week we are transitioning Nala from Nutrena Senior to Purina Strategy Healthy Edge. She is getting 50/50 of each until we are out of Nutrena (about a month).

I really like the nutrena product, but our barn only carries Purina and my farrier thought the healthy edge would be lower in sugar and result in less excess energy. She is still on rice bran and BOSS for a few more weeks as well, but I may taper her of for the summer, since she has lots of grass.


Just a few minutes of round pen work before she went in for dinner.

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