Chronicles of the Brown Horse: Week 17 with Beach ride #10


Round pen work and ride. This was our first Am ride. Like 9 A. M.!


Nala was a bit nervous at first since she was the only horse down at the barn.


She kept following me, so I did not get the best pics. But Join up is working!


She was able to round at the canter on the line in both directions in the round pen. I just rode walk / trot, my half chaps broke so I was wearing a new pair and full seat breaches (that I think are too stiff for me). Anyway I was not balanced well myself. But I think she has regained her strength and should be fine to ride at all three gaits. 4edit

We are ready for beach ride #10!

6/22/15 Nala was great today!


Calm out of the field, stood to be tacked up, worked well with her head/neck relaxed and stretching down.


We started about 5pm so the pics are not great due to shadows (edited a bit for clarity!) and Nala kept following me to join up ;-)..


We did some lunge work at all three gaits and then rode all three gaits as well in the round pen. We even CANTERED both directions! Pretty easy ride. The dog Max did come flying down over the hill and she started briefly at that but no biggie.



Beach ride #10. Nala did great! We rode in the round pen to warm up. Then we rode up to the big arena and met the saddlebred, MIMI. We went to the beach with her.

This was Mimi’s second trip to the beach so Nala led.  We just walked but they both did super. The sand was dry and the tide was in so it was a bit of work for them to move in the deeper sand. A few cars went by and they were unfazed.

6/24/15 ……A hot day!

bs bs2e

We did our typical round pen work. She is working very relaxed and calm in the round pen. Rode with new stirrups (with grippy foot covers). Then worked in the main arena.

bs3 bs4

It was really hot out. There was a 12-18″cavaletti set up in the arena and we went over each direction a few times with Nala stepping over. Then she got bored or hot and decided to launch over it. A bit awkward in my dressage saddle…LOL. So we jumped a few times departing at the walk or trot and landing trot or canter.  I then lunged her over the cavaletti and out in the field around the arena (on the way to the beach). I was hoping to work her away from the barn to get her used to being out alone.

At the end of our session I rinsed her off and she rolled in the sand.

We have tried switching her grain to half purina strategy and half nutrena senior … she stopped eating it for the week. Now we are trying half Purina senior and half Nutrena senior.

I plan to phase out rice bran for the summer and possibly BOSS as well.

6/25/15 Nala’s day off.


Just a quick play in the round pen (at dinner time).

e2 bage3

BOOTIE updates:

March   vs. June

bs week 1ae1

early May vs. late May

IMG_20150415_180434985d 40 bs2.


Went to Clatsop Horsefest. Saw lots of fun horsey things.


Then went to the barn. Round pen work and a trail ride around the fields with Amore.


Nala was good on trail walk/trot.


Then she went out with earl until her stall was ready.


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