Chronicles of the Brown Horse: Week 18: Beach ride #11,12 & 13 plus my hoof trim.


I was really missing my old boy Foxy today.

3f 4e…FOXY

Nala does look a lot like him!


nala v foxyNALA v FOXY ūüėČ

Nala had the day off yesterday.


Today I decided to try out my lovatt and ricketts saddle. I traded an aussie that was too big for Nala for this saddle.


I thought it might be too small for me. I could go a half size bigger but it fit ok and I had a good ride! I also wore my tropical rider half seat breeches (BTW they are awesome!) since it was hot for us on the coast!


8e  11e

Nala is moving really well and went in all three gaits no problem.

PicMonkey Collage

16e   13e

We just rode in the round pen.

The elk invaded the pasture next door and Nala did well with them

She may be in heat. Look at her park out to pee…LOLce


We took the day off yesterday.

I had filed¬†Nala’s feet before our last ride. I asked a barn mate to check them out since her heels seem long to me and she also noticed one bar folding over. We hope to work on that this week.


In the last few days, Nala moved out in the field full time. She has a run in shed and is grained at night. She was quite calm to be tacked up and work in the round pen. We did all three gaits on the lunge and under saddle in the prestige dressage saddle.

Then I felt brave enough to ride the upper fields and around the outside of the arena. After our ride another barn mate showed up and we went on a beach trail ride, with Mimi the arab/saddle-bred/pinto and her owner Colleen.  Nala and Mimi get along well and Mimi follows fine but also leads when needed.

Our ride was just great even with beach traffic. Until Nala saw kids running down over the dune with huge kites! She did not buck but gathered all her energy and got a bit jumpy. Sort of dashing sideways, mouthing the bit, and jigging race horse style. We recovered. I was able to calm her after a hundred yards or so.

Kites are now on the desensitizing list! Pics today were not great due to lighting and I gave her rinse off after the ride so she looks spotty!


Nala was great today. I got to the barn and our barn mate Rebecca helped out my hoof trim job by trimming down her bars.

2nd e1_cr 2nd e3_cr

Then we went on a great beach ride with Halla. Nala gets along great¬†with her. Halla can be higher energy and it focuses Nala’s attention on her antics so Nala¬†is actually calmer and less spooky.

Nala acted like a trail pro today (we did not even warm up in the round pen!)

Walking on a loose rein. Stopping and backing. Letting Halla lead at the trot. We even did some circles at the end of the ride both trot and canter.

2nd e5  2nde6 IMG_20150702_194459644

Nice booty!


7/3/15 Beach ride #13 and saddle fit.

3rd saddle fit 3

Went out to the beach with Halla and Amore the two bay arabs. We all just tacked up and rode off. The beach was full of people, kids and dogs. Nala did very well. At one point two dogs chased her and she handled it well. On the way back she kept stretching her nose down, sort of like a dressage stretch, then got jiggy.

Once we were back at the gate to our barn, she stopped to pee. So, I am not sure if that was her main issue, or maybe she had a sore back (two long rides in a row!).

3rd silly face E

Once I took her saddle off I noticed the cantle area sweat pattern is darker and she is a bit tender/sore when you run your hand along the spine. So the saddle flocking is too firm for her in the rear area. I will try my other saddle next ride, but I am not sure if I can pad her up for this or if I need a new saddle. I would reflock this but it also needs a new seat and new billets. The saddlers say its cheaper to get another used one!

I also wonder if this is happening because she is now more fit and filled out, so the saddle is tighter. See the dark patch below.

3rd saddle fit 1 3rd saddle fit 2

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