Chronicles of the Brown Horse: Week #19 : Saddle fit Questions? and beach ride #14

7/6/15 After two days off, Nala saw me and came right up to me in the field and asked for her carrots! I usually call her and she turns toward me takes a few steps and keeps grazing.

3rd silly face E pic of 7/3/15

Last week I took pics of after beach ride #13 and discovered my Prestige saddle is not fitting well mid-back. I swear it fit well before. I am guessing her weight and muscle gain over the last few months has caused the rear of the saddle to sit too high and put too much pressure on her back. basically now its over stuffed!

3rd saddle fit 1 pics of 7/3/153rd saddle fit 2

So now she is a bit sore there. I gave her two days off after the two beach rides and now she is just a tad sore. So today I switched to the Lovatt and Rickett’s saddle.

6th 5e

We just had a short ride in the shady round pen but it was nice and relaxed (walk trot).

6th 7e6th 6e

The saddle is just a bit too small for me in the flaps but fit her well and is comfy, it almost feels like riding bareback! The sweat pattern was light but the quilted pattern was much more even across her back!

6th quilt pattern form l and r saddle

So now I have a saddle dilemma. 🙂

6th 26th field6th 1

Body score pic to check her weight…Today above looking good…..

April Below about day 40…

d 40 bs1 d40bs3

and Late march…


6th 46th 3

Today above vs May below…


Feeding update:

Our first month feeding (for weight gain) is listed here:

What we are feeding now that Nala has gained her weight back over the last 4 months.

This month she is turned out full time in pasture with 3 horses. She has her own run in shed at night and so she eats her grain in her shed.

1) Timothy/grass hay fed am/pm … About 20#.

2) Alfalfa pellets about 3# a day… I would give her more but this is all she eats!

3) Half Nutrina and half Purina Senior (1/2 of a 3# can twice a day), so approximately 3#’s, I love nutrina products since they have pre/pro-biotics added in but the barn only buys Purina so for simplicity sake I am trying her on the barns grain.

4) Boss 1 cup once a day,

5) Rice bran 2 cups once a day.

March 1st vs. late June

bs2 day 1bs4

BS 1 day onebs

7/7/15 a bit of history on Nala:

nola 1bs1

The second day I tried Nala About February 1st? And now 4 months later right and below.



I am told this is Nala Jumping  in Texas as a 6 year old? It does look like her grumpy ears!

nola  txDSC_0039

Her sales pictures I am told these are in Texas about 4 years ago, so she would be 7ish.


Nala had yesterday off, and today was just a gentle ride. Warmed up in the round pen using the L&R saddle.

8th 1 edit IMG_20150708_190826357

Even thought it was dinner time Nala was great. I even touched up her rear feet after our ride. She stood perfectly but it wore me out! Her quarter crack had chipped on the left rear, and it was holding small pebbles so I thought it best to file it down. We worked on transitions on a loose rein.  In the round pen she does great but she leans on your hands on the beach in both trot and canter. I have not figured out a great way to rate her speed or and half halt on the beach, So I thought schooling the halt might help. She really listens to WHOA and does well with a change of seat! I hope she will listen to my seat better on trail but we have mostly done half seat when trotting or cantering partly due to her coming back into work and partly because that is natural for me and her race horse history ;-).

8th bs 2E bw 8th BS

7/10/15 Beach ride #14

We rode out to the beach with Halla and Mimi, and their owners. Nala was high energy today so was Halla. The wind was up and Nala had the day before off.

I rode in the L&R saddle that is very comfy but a size too small for me. Anyway the ride was nice but Nala either wanted to walk relaxed or canter off. No slow jog or relaxed trot. Halla was jigging and acting like a racehorse entering the starting gate so maybe Nala was affected by that but she is usually ok with Halla’s antics. 10th hi mom

Anyway, I stayed on fine and she did not actually buck, just acted humpy and pulled into the canter a few times. I am fine cantering her but she was wanting to race, then she stops dead at changes in the sand color, like they  are holes into the earth! Silly girl. The tide was in so we did not have a huge beach like we normally do.

I also notice they are getting grumpy with the deep sand. Halla had to pee when we got back so that might have added to her up energy antics 😉

Saddle fit L&R 10th L & R saddle fit

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