Chronicles of the Brown Horse: Week #20 : Beach ride # 15

7/13/15 Wow week 20 already! Nala feels like my horse. She comes to me in the field. She has a TB personality. Begs for carrots by bobbing her head. She will pull me up the hill to the filed if I place my hand on her withers. She is leading quite well and tying fine. We use the blocker tie rings and she figured out how to pull herself loose so I have to wrap the end of her rope ūüėČ

13th e July 13th

bsb May

IMG_20150418_193800038 April


befor the storm February

Rode bitless today. I received a padding kit in the mail to make the bridle fit her better.

13th e1 13th e2

I think Nala likes it but she does not respond as well as in the bit. She was distracted by the horses running in the nearby field. She had two days off so that might contribute as well. I keep trying to ride her like my old horse Foxy and I forget he had 10 years training while Nala is not that far along ;-).

13th e3

I rode in the Prestige Saddle but padded it with my fleece works pad. The fit seemed better.

13th saddle fit 1 13th saddle fit 2 13th saddle fit 313th saddle fit 5

I am looking and a number of saddles from endurance, dressage to western trail or Aussie. I have a few to sell as well. I love my Crosby Hunter saddle but I am just not planning on jumping more than 2 feet and I can do that in the Crosby A/P. I also love the feel of the Lovatt saddle but it is a whole size too small for me!


Nala is now eating:

A) Three flakes Timothy/grass hay (one am /two Pm).

B) One # Purina Strategy Healthy Edge and one # Senior, Twice daily (so 4# total)

C) And her baggie of extras, one and a half cups rice bran and one cup BOSS, PM only.

I used the Purina weight tape and she was about 1200#! And 15.3 hands, almost 16H!

She is in full time turnout with a run in shed for eating.

7/14/15 BEACH RIDE #15

Nala had a cut on her coronet band (or maybe an abscess blow out?). Hosed it applied betadine and furazone. She seemed fine on it.

IMG_20150714_16321187814th bs

Rode the beach with Mimi and Colleen. Nala was having a few hissy fits and airs above ground but we worked thought it and did some lateral movements. I had already ridden her in the round pen so she thought she was done and wanted to go eat dinner. Plus we had 20 mph winds. She did not buck but tossed her head and got hoppy on the front feet. She was calm on the way back. We just walked a few miles. She wanted to go out in the wet sand and then she took a pee. I wonder if most of her fussyness is her not peeing before our ride!

14th 214th 6

Pics are not great, since they are after the ride but  I wanted and idea of how my leg is fitting the saddle.

IMG_20150714_18481338314th 114th bs a

Saddle fit with the prestige and fleece works padding, it looks pretty uniform to me but I am afraid it is too tight in the withers, maybe a cut back pad would help.

14th 5    14th 3


NO pics today. We tried out new equipment. Wintec webbers for me in dressage and Nala tried a jumping hackamore. She did great. Walk, trot, canter, halt, back in the round pen. She responds really well the the hackamore. I only have English bridles and I think the bit hooks are in an awkward place since the hackamore sits higher on her face. I may have to get a zilco hackamore headstall or maybe a western headstall.

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