Chronicles of the Brown Horse: Week #21 and 22: Beach ride #16


Nala really joins up …

21st a21st c

Rode in the hackamore today. She tossed her head a bit but she rode really well all three gaits. She even neck reins. Possibly she was ridden in one before?

21st d13th e1

Hackamore vs. Bitless for fit?  I think I need a shorter bridle but wider so it sits back from her ears. May have to look at a western style one?

21st b

She was also really itchy. She had a bunch of bites from flies or mosquitoes. I missed the barn a few days and she got eaten up without spray.


Found Nala out in the field looking sassy. She was a bit herd bound today.

25th a

Not sure if it was the few days off, or the time of day (early afternoon).

25th b

She has a week old cut over her eye, no idea where it came from. Maybe the hay manger?

25th c

She also has this hoof issue from last week. I at first thought she hit her foot on a rock since it looked like a fresh cut, but it’s most likely an abscess blow out since it is just above her quarter crack, which we have been working on.


Tried an aussie saddle today. It interfered with Nala’s shoulder and she was not happy with it and I felt it was not close contact enough for me either. I then lunged her with side reins to see how she is progressing in balancing trot to canter.  She looked great. She may be too fit for just trail riding.


I also received her first feed bag in the mail. Cashel mesh. I was not sure if she would be ok with it. I fed her cut carrots out of the bag and she seemed fine. The tag was still on and she was s bit spooky putting it on and off until I removed the tag.

This photo was auto edited and it shows her dapples really well!


Nala did well today in the round pen. Then we rode up in the arena and she called for her friends. So she showed a bit of anxiety. We rode in the eggbutt with roller and she used the roller a bit. She was great in the round pen so I think she is just not used to being up the hill and away from the other horses.

27th a

We used the feed bag again and she did great until it was almost empty then she walked to the hay pile and tried to rub the bag off and eat hay! She is looking great!

27th b

7/31/15 beach ride # 16.

We rode in the french link with roller. No warm up. The other ladies were ready to go when I got the the barn so I just tacked her up and went. She was a bit racehorsey but she calmed after a canter session. She rounded into the canter after some pulling.

Now I realize one reason my mid back gets tight 😉 I need to find the opposing stretch to even it out.

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