Chronicles of the Brown Horse: Week 23 & 24: Beach ride # 17, 18, 19 and 20


Went on a nice beach ride #16 with Nala and the Arab Amore. We did very well. A lot less spooking at changes in sand color. We rode by a heard of elk. We did some circling exercises at the trot and a short canter.

Nala and Amore did spook at a camp fire, the lady was shoveling sand on it and it was smoking. But I kept weight in my stirrup and rode the spin 😉

Nala is now eating 4# of Strategy healthy edge instead of senior and using a feed bag!



Beach ride #17. Nala did great. She was a bit worn out from yesterday. We went with Halla who is the lead horse. Nala let her lead and went at a good pace. She was even light in the bridle to trot and canter pacing behind Halla. I was impressed.

This is the horse I signed up for. She hardly reacted at all. She did look around and a crab shell got her in the nose LOL but we did well with cars and people.

I am still riding defensive cross country mixed with jockey but it’s working and she can settle and walk on a loose rein, on the buckle even on the way home.

I think the beach is finally becoming routine for us!


Just a few update pics. Looking fat, shiny and sassy. She is so shiny, or oily of coat that water beads off her, must be the BOSS.

3rd3 3rd43rd


Just a basic trail ride around the farm with Halla. Warmed up in the round pen at all three gaits. Nala is much calmer, could be the heat and/or switching to strategy, or the routine settling her in.

Up for a nice beach ride tomorrow!


Nala and Halla did great on a our beach ride.

We even galloped! The sand was quite deep (tide was in) so not at full speed but it was definitely FAST!

I have not been able to convince any of our photographer pals to take our pics on the beach yet 😉 but a lot of passing cars do!

Here are some progress pics from the round pen before our ride, she is rocking back into the canter strides!

7th3 7th4 7th6 7th7 7th8 7th11 7th12 7th 2

End of the ride she looks like her dad Corwyn, a Seattle Slew baby (his 2 yr old pic right) :

corwyn 2yr7th13



Just a quick round pen ride. I had a long day of yoga and Kayaking. 😉

Nala was great at all three gaits. Right lead not as solid as left but she does it!


Took my sister our to see Nala. She remarked that Nala looks great! She has gained nice weight and muscle. We just did some carrot stretches and left her to her dinner.


Ok a few days off. And we hopped on for a beach ride with Halla.

Nala was great! Thank you to Linda at our the barn who took a few pics before we started!

15th 1 15th 2 15th 3 15th 6  15th4 15th shadow15th5

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