Chronicles of the Brown Horse: Week 25 and 26: Beach ride 21 and 22

8/16/15     Beach ride #21

sand  beach

Nala was awesome. Went on a loose rein like a old trail pro. We went with Amore the arab.

beach buds

We did all three gaits and she tried to gallop but I held her back. The tide was out and we even went through the shallow pools of water and streams.

NO new pic, hand on the reins!

8/19/15 Nala’s first solo beach trip: Hand walk to the beach!

19th1 19th2

Took a 15″ line and walked all the way down. She was calling for her pals and up energy until we got down to the sand then she calmed. I considered riding but it was so HOT!19th3 19th4 19th5

She walked back fine. I think we will be adjusted fairly quickly to solo beach riding!

19th6 19th7


Went on a trail ride around the farm and through the forest with Halla! Both horses were great! 😉

8/22/15 Just some ground work today. The weather is HOT and we have some smoke in the air from wildfires.



I am a bit lazy still from all the smoke. It is clearing out. Just some bonding and ground work today.


Nala let me hug on her and do a fingertip massage over her neck and back. She followed me around and grazed a bit.



Beach ride 22. Went in a group and had a great time!

IMG_20150828_180422112 IMG_20150828_180432872

It rained a bit so the sand firmed up and we had a wide stretch of deserted beach!IMG_20150828_180438221

Then we came back on the dune trail.

IMG_20150828_182722605 IMG_20150828_182801623 IMG_20150828_182817403 (1) IMG_20150828_182817403 Nala even went third in the group.

IMG_20150828_183913595 IMG_20150828_183916332

BS check after the ride! She is looking good and moving great!

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