Week 27 & 28: Our first solo beach ride!!! and solo beach ride #2 and #3 and #4!

IMG_20150903_121128689 IMG_20150903_121323864

Gorgeous day!!! Walked Nala down to the beach alone. It was our second trip on the line by ourselves. She had almost a week off due to rain and my work schedule.

IMG_20150903_121518613 IMG_20150903_122140680

I lunged her a bit and then we rode solo for the first time on the beach!


There is nothing quite like galloping your race horse down an empty beach!



9 4 15 a9 4 15 b

Copy of yesterdays ride. Nala did much better leading down to the beach. I rode w,t,c and slow gallop. I am impressed! I think she believes this is her new track. It is a bit harder riding like a jockey to keep her slow, but she is softening with work. She is fine in both the arena and round pen… I think she sees open space and thinks RUN!

9 4 15 c 9 4 15 d 9 4 15 e


Solo beach ride #3. Nala was perfect. Followed me down the trail like and old ranch horse. We rode w.t.c.g up and down the beach. No spooking.


We we first went down the dune, some idiot left a camp fire burning unattended (it’s really dry here now and a burn ban is on) so I went to kick sand on it and she did spook a bit but she stayed at the end of the 15″ line and calmed just fine.IMG_20150907_170512572

We rode with traffic, dogs, and a motorcycle. Bit of a shock when it came up behind us but other than turning to look she did fine!


I am pretty confidant she thinks this is her new track!

IMG_20150907_172423755 IMG_20150907_172429918


9 8 15 E BW

My birthday so I ditched work for a beach ride! Some nice old guys took our photo!

9 8 15 A.

Nala was great! We breezed the beach and she ran fine!

9 8 15 DCROP  9 8 15B CROP

Please ignore my equitation and dress, I was not planing to show off today!

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