COTBH: Week 33! Solo beach rides #7, 8

Solo beach ride (is this #7?).

10 12 15 beach

I rode, “all by my self” down to the beach with Nala. She was pretty calm. 😉 Then we did walk, trot and canter circles. She is not in as good of shape flexing and rounding as she was mid-summer so it must be our off schedule. Anyway she is doing well!

Body score check up below left today, right summer…

10 12 15 bs updatee4

Losing a bit in the hind end!!!? I added rice bran back in last week.

Also to work on over winter:


Just round pen work and grazing/grooming… a nice evening with Nalla.

10 13 15 a 10 13 15 c 10 13 15 d 10 13 15 e 10 13 15 fIMG_20151013_172954048

10/15/15…Solo beach ride #8

We had fun!


BS check… a few days back on rice bran!

Back to Supps 2x a day! (we just did one supp baggie for summer)


10/16/15 Group ride # 25

Beach ride with Halla! Halla has on a new star hackamore and did really well!

Nalla has grump ears because Halla wants to lead! 😉

IMG_20151016_152752639 IMG_20151016_155109411

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