COTBH: Week 34, 35, 36


Beach ride with Amore! We had fun and our pace was slow. Both horses wanted to eat all the grass along the path to the beach!

IMG_20151020_173420444  IMG_20151020_173443492 (1)


The goats next to our round pen…


Accidental shot of my saddle!


Eye candy : the prior days hike with Mickey the dog 😉




Week 35 (last week) Nala had her feet done and got shots…

Week 36: Had to wear a rain sheet for a a day, then, Yesterday was another big storm so she played in the puddles… Shot courtesy of barn pal Amanda! Nala in the background, Rocky in the front!

rockey and nala

And today we did some round pen work and arena work.


11/4/15 week 36 update

Check in on body score…

IMG_20151104_164609102_HDR IMG_20151104_164739952

And a visit with the goats! IMG_20151104_164846829_HDR

11/6/15 End of week 36!

Beach ride: I took Nala out with Becka on Valhalla! They both did very well. We worked in some small to large circles (like a beach arena) and I did a bit of slow canter work. Nala is a bit out of shape compared to summer when we were working 4-5 days a week. Now I ride 1-2 days a week weather permitting!

IMG_20151106_154211755_HDR IMG_20151106_154217920

Her body score looks ok for November on left, from summer on right.

IMG_20151106_162310557_HDR6th 1

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