COTHBH: Week 40, 41, 42

Week 40: 12/2/15

Just stopped by to feed carrots and repack Nala’s daily grain bags. Hoof trim appointment set for tomorrow.

12/3/15 Nala had her feet trimmed they looked good!

Week: 41:   12/6/15

Just another carrot drive by…refilled her grain bags and checked coat/weight.


12/9/15 There was a nice break in the storm today to check on Nala. She was resting but got up for carrots!





Nala had a cough a few days ago, like hacking up a hair ball. I am afraid he at moldy hay or something but she seems fine now.


Went on a short ride around the fields. She is startled by ducks in the river and the elk were out too! Just a few Body Score shots for winter woollies!

Last summer!

6th 1





IMG_20151215_104050692_HDR12/18/15 Beach ride with Nala, Amore and Satin. The bay ladies. They all did very well. First day back to the beach for us in a few weeks due to weather. Nala was up in energy but stayed under control. No pics since hand were on the reins!


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