COTBH: Week 46, 47, 48

Combining weeks for winter since our barn time is reduced due to weather!

1/10/15 Just a quick trip for some carrots and hand grazing… the winter wind is COLD!

1 10 16


Hoof trim today with Lori Holiday using the grinder. Nala did great! We warmed up in the round pen first! It was rainy as you can see from her wet coat.

1 14 161 14 16 a

Then tried a selfie…


Round pen work, then a beach ride with Halla and Diesel. Nala is in heat! But she rode fine.

Looking good for winter. Something happened to my phone cameras focus in moving pics so I am trying to fix it…. shutter speed maybe?


Nala is still in heat. Today we just did a bit of ground work and a quick visit to her new BF Badger! 😉






1/22/16 Another beach ride! Gorgeous weather. Nala was fine on the way out but wild coming home. Another horse galloped off and she lost it a bit wanting to canter in place and get some air! But we rode it out and made it back fine.

Nala is still in heat so I am chalking that up to hormones and wanting dinner and her BF!


1/29/16 Went on a wild and windy trail ride. The foam on the beach was blowing all over and Nala was not a fan. She and another horse spooked… and ran up the dune. I managed to stay on but it was a near miss…


Here are a few pics from the field…the three amigos.






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