COTBH: 49, 50, 51, 52…. End of the First Year!

2/1/16 First Beach Ride of February!

Nala and I went out with Ashley and Earl. We did fine on the way out but Earl tried to race on the way back and both horses took off at a gallop. The tide was out so I was able to steer and rein her back in after a few blocks but I have not had her run off like that before. I think she was feeling good to be out.

As we headed back to the barn Becka and Halla were riding out so we joined them and went on another ride. Halla is the dominant mare in Nala’s field and she listens to her quite well. We cantered with out incident and she rode fine.

IMG_20160201_155317830 (1)

IMG_20160201_155328229 (1)IMG_20160201_155337862-EFFECTS

Ashley and Earl above!


Second ride …off a few days due to weather!

Beach time…enjoying the nice weather with Nala, Mickey and our barn dog Max! We hiked to the beach, lunged, then rode a bit… This horse is wearing me out! She wants to go 0-45 MPH in .03 seconds! Definitely a core work out!

 IMG_20160206_142109210IMG_20160206_1420563582 6 16IMG_20160206_142118525IMG_20160206_150836417
2/8/16  Gorgeous weather so we went to the beach again. Walk down, lunged, then rode…
It was hot for us 65 or so and Nala was very good. We did all three gaits, no bolting. Both dogs came. The tide was out but we saw many cars, clammers, dogs and kids.
I gave her a quick bath as well when we got back. Hands on the reins so no new riding pics! Below is the beach and dune and Nala in the field before our ride.IMG_20160208_084117400IMG_20160208_084417248IMG_20160208_153951240
Body score check… today.


Great Beach ride today with Becka and Halla!
Nala was awesome and not spooked by the waves or foam, she did not try to bolt and we cantered a slow pace. Awesome between the ears pics today! IMG_20160212_152613027IMG_20160212_152617952IMG_20160212_160716963IMG_20160212_160720898IMG_20160212_160729906IMG_20160212_160733692IMG_20160212_160805966IMG_20160212_160807771IMG_20160212_162651364
A quick stop to refill Nala’s grain bags (Nala tried to help)  and give out carrots.
Quick visit for carrots!
Last ride of year one! I rode with Amanda on Satin. Nala and I went with them to the beach, found it FULL of clammers, and we all decided to ride the barn fields and forest trail. After a bit of high energy antics from leaving the beach the girls settled down and we had a nice ride. I will be out of town the next two weeks so I will miss Nala. Here are a few pics from today!
Nice body score for February! IMG_20160220_163041796_HDR
Where is my carrot face! IMG_20160220_163010906
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