One year later with Chronicles of the Brown Horse


When I bought Nala last year 3/1/15, I picked her since she was a relative of my old TB that passed away (War Admiral lines). She is also a Bay (or brown with black mane and tail). My partner was a bit disappointed I did not pick a more flashy colored horse. I tried 20 or so horses but I was looking for a feel of the horses gait, not color!

Nala has come along way but we still have along way to go. I think an advanced rider familiar with TBs would be fine on her and my barn friend (also a very advanced rider) has ridden her just fine. She is not suitable for a novice, currently, and may never be that calm, but she is only 12!

I think my old Tb calmed down about 15 or 16 and then he taught beginners!

Anyway our current focus is on riding the beach trails in a calm and controlled manner. Rating the speed of our gaits, collecting the trot and canter, and cantering without speeding into a gallop. She is doing well with ground work, but when she is alone away from the other horses she does get nervous. She joins up in ground work but if I am riding she can’t see me she also gets nervous.

She does very well with her field mates on trails. She will work into being calm (lunging and ground work) but her spring energy level is pretty high! She is also a carrot addict and does carrot stretches!


“Hey it’s mom bet she has carrots! ” IMG_20160307_121251618

I don’t see any horses?


Still no other horses?IMG_20160307_124656652

Oh well, maybe mom has carrots?IMG_20160307_124642217

Do you have carrots? Please?!IMG_20160307_124616136

She lived outside with a three sided run in shed this winter and did very well. I think it kept her fit and her feet in great shape.


First beach ride of year two with Nala. She was awesome. We went out with Halla and Becka and they both did great. The beach was torn up from our recent wind storm and quite narrow but the mares were fine in all gaits.IMG_20160311_150046893_TOP

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