COTBH May 2016 update: First Week of May

PicMonkey Collage april 2015 vs 2016Looking good! April 2016 (left) vs April 2015 (right). Look at her neck line and muscle!


5 2 165 2 16a5 2 16b

A friend (Thanks Becka!) pointed out her neck line looks more developed. It is hard to see the day to day progress but she is muscled up nicely! 5 2 16c

Last May 2015:

PicMonkey Collage may update

A very long way from day one… March 1, 2015…


Or Day Two…

gwen 2


Quick afternoon ride in the round pen. Nala did fine at all three gaits. Kinda hopped into the canter on the right lead but that’s ok for our first working (non trail) ride in quite some time! Plus today is her BIRTHDAY! She is now 12 years old! I think my other TB Foxy started to relax a bit and calm down at about 12 so I hope the same goes for Nala!

5316 hi5316


Look at those dapples!



Traded my girl in for a mini horse cart today ! What a blast! These little guys are awesome!

k and j minis!

More pics at the links here:

5/6/16 Seven mile ride to the Seaside Estuary!



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