COTHBH May update: Second Week of May 2016

We had a great beach ride 5/9/16 with Amore but no new pics. We went all the way to sunset beach and through the trail (our second time on the trail). It gets a bit narrow but we did not whack on a tree so it was all good !

I took some pic over the weekend to show Nala dapppling out…


Ok, a few dorky selfies with my horse and the dogs.



hiya2IMG_20160508_171949687IMG_20160508_172012142 (1)


5/12/16 We rode a bit in the round pen.

Nala’s field mates had the vet out and teeth done, so she was high energy. I thought I would try the hunt seat saddle today!

51216 ride.jpgGee it is a lot of work! I can’t believe I used to ride for hours perched up there!  Anyway, I enjoy the spring shine on her!


Anyway, got some great horsey shots whole Nala ran around the field!

51216f51216g51216h51216iNala 5 1216Nala 5 1216aNala 5 1216bNala 5 1216cNala 5 1216d


Tacking up for our ride to the Seaside Estuary with Amore and Becka!


They both did great! Nala gets a bit stressed on the grassy dune trail but we trot/canter it out once we hit the open sands of the estuary. She also gets impatient and bobs her head for carrots.



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