COTBH First Half of June 2016 update: Trail horse progress!


IMG_20160602_152711218The first week of June has been full of beach riding ! At the barn of Four Bay Mares!

Nala’s is improving in her response from gallop to canter and back, trot to canter an back. She is braver on the beach and we have been jumping  and traversing ground poles.

I am working to soften the tension on the reins, we can walk on a loose rein and trot a bit but once you canter she is leaning to go faster for a mile or so…eventually after a 6 mile ride she will calm and you can canter on a relaxed rein.

I am still using a double jointed eggbutt bit with copper roller. It is fairly mild but she is controllable with proper aids. I get compliments on her gaits quite a bit her tot and canter are gorgeous. I am working to round her back a bit and do more lateral work so I can sit the gaits better. I have been in a half seat a lot of our rides to allow her freedom of movement and to build up her back. In addition she is used to signals from her track days.

Now she is stronger I will start more circling and slowing of gaits! She has come along way in a year! Almost no bucking at all, she walks/trots up hill, instead of catering and pulling, she still had heard bound issues when out alone, especially when the other horses call to her. And she can startle at things like birds, kites etc, but she is not bolting just jumping a bit to the side, a pretty normal response.



Another gorgeous beach ride to the Gearhart dunes/estuary… Tacking up! Halla and Nala were great today! IMG_20160606_171544717IMG_20160606_171631763

So proud of Nala today. We had a nice relaxed ride, we galloped a bit and it was very well controlled and she then she went on a loose rein walk trot. We did have a 7 mile ride yesterday (as well as today) so she might just be worn out. But her attitude riding is much improved and she looks forward to going out. She came right up to me in the field, stood to be tacked (without trying to pull loose of the tie rail) and walked out to the beach like it was all totally routine (after about 30 rides it should be)! Were were also chased by a pack of 5 dogs, but it did not phase Nala.



We rode in the rain and got soaked! Nala was great… to temper tantrums just pushing through the stinging rain pelts! HAHA We cantered up to Sunset trail and rode the forest back!




Ahh the best view… Nala and I hit the beach, all by ourselves, and we made it, even with the kite surfers chasing us (according to Nala) 😉

We even opened and closed the gate to the beach from horse back! 


A quiet ride around the barn… We tacked up nicely in the barn… rode the round pen (gate open) then the upper field levee (trot out, walk back to get her used to ebing inthe field area). It proceeded to pour rain on us so we ended our ride. Nala did great. She did not call for other horses, even thought we were along a the barn, she rode willingly to the round pen and ate grass down below and up above. She is calming down and listening to me.

6 14 16 a




We ad a great NINE mile ride up the beach north, to the park and back through the forest! We crossed bridges and went along the road and Nala and Halla were both great!


Full barn tacking up and Nala stood great. We even worked on a a hoof trim on the left front (a split on the quarter area), before our ride! .



6/17/16 Gearheart estuary trail and beach ride with Halla, Nala, and Satin! These girls can RUN! we cantered/trotted out, then did the dune trail (walk/jog) then walked a bit before galloping the esturay beach back to Gearhart! Nala is getting more comfortable to gallop and easier to control. She is not trying to race as much and allowing horses to go at various speeds around us. She really has some go when galloping! Hopefully we can get some pics or a video up soon!

6/18/16 Awesome beach ride with Amanda and Satin. Amanda took some pics and I am waiting to get a copy. She is a great photographer and has a nice eye for pet photos.

These are some gorgeous pics she took last March/April. and I am posting with her permission…april 1 aapril 1 bapril 1

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