Second half of June with COTBH



We ad a great NINE mile ride up the beach north, to the park and back through the forest! We crossed bridges and went along the road and Nala and Halla were both great!


Full barn tacking up and Nala stood great. We even worked on a a hoof trim on the left front (a split on the quarter area), before our ride! .



6/17/16 Gearheart estuary trail and beach ride with Halla, Nala, and Satin! These girls can RUN! we cantered/trotted out, then did the dune trail (walk/jog) then walked a bit before galloping the esturay beach back to Gearhart! Nala is getting more comfortable to gallop and easier to control. She is not trying to race as much and allowing horses to go at various speeds around us. She really has some go when galloping! Hopefully we can get some pics or a video up soon!

6/18/16 Awesome beach ride with Amanda and Satin. Amanda took some pics and I am waiting to get a copy. She is a great photographer and has a nice eye for pet photos.

These are some gorgeous pics she took last March/April. and I am posting with her permission…april 1 aapril 1 bapril 1

6/18/16 A great trail ride with Nala and Satin to the beach. Amanda B, of Penciled Pet Portraits,  took our picture galloping! Here are a few great shots! Thanks Amanda! (A bit of color editing by me on the last two)…

nala by AB 6 18 16 anala by AB 6 18 16 bnala by AB 6 18 16 c edit 1nala by AB 6 18 16 d edit 2


Before our ride:


I rode the beach alone. Mickey the dog and max came. The elk chased us to the beach path… Darn elk. Nala wanted to run a bit so we did some sprints. I wore actual tall field boots and they are not as secure as my mountain horse jodhpur boots and half chaps. I am sure they look nice but I was lucky to get a good grip on my stirrups! Anyway fun to get out on the beach on a monday !

6/28/ and 6/29 Great beach rides with Halla and Becka! Nala did great! One day we went north through the Forrest, the next to the south and galloped around the estuary!

I am staring to collect her a bit at the canter and sit on my horse. But I am definitely pretty fit from riding in half seat for a year!



Just had Nala’s feet trimmed. She did very well at the top of the pasture at the tie rail! And she looks good in her feet! I am lucky she has nice feet for a Tb!

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