July 2016 with COTBH

July 2nd we rode with Leo, Dakota and Diesel and their riders… Nala and I followed and led through the wildlife corridor (a new path for us)  and down to the beach. Nala was great on the trail, but high energy at the beach.


Joe on Leo (Above).

7/4/16 July 4th we rode with Halla on the beach and through the forest trail! Lots of activity on the beach but we did just fine! I did hit my knee on a tree but it was not Nala’s fault, I did not turn her in time. But I was so proud since she did not flinch at tarps, tents, kites, kids, and the general chaos of the 4th of July preparations. Luckily no fireworks went off since we went out at 1pm.

7/6/16 Visiting horses at the barn made Nala high energy today. Rode in the round pen a bit but too hot and too much anxiety for Nala to do more… The horses were calling and she was calling back and just being up energy…still a track horse sometimes!


Awesome Helmet Cam video of our typical Gearhart Beach ride, complete with Galloping!

Here is our video from a few months prior!


7/10/16 I just brushed her and bagged up her grain.


7/11/16 Awesome solo beach ride. Nala was great! We rode out, opened the gate mounted, and rode to the beach with Mickey the dog. She wanted to go a bit fast, trot and canter so we did some large circles. We also cantered a half mile loop. Then she was calm and we walked slowly back.

7/12/16 And another awesome Beach ride with Nala and Halla! About a 7 mile loop to Sunset Beach trail.

Pics are after the ride and bath! Nala loves water!



9 mile beach and trail ride with a gallop. Our speed is TBD, but on our last ride we clocked well over 26 MPH in passing that horse wearing the gps! 😉

Nala was not happy to go out since it was dinner time but once we hit the beach she was focused on fast, and forgot dinner!

MPH reading, holy speed batman!

“You won’t believe this…I was reading the fastest TBs have been clocked at 55 mph. My Garmin clocked Nala at a top speed of 47.3 mph!!!”


Went on a beach trail ride with Halla and Earl. Nala was quite high energy tacking up since Earls pasture mate was screaming from separation anxiety. I tried to pick her back feet and she kicked me! Just a bit of a warning shot not too bad. I should’ve stopped but I tried again and she kicked me in the thigh!

I now have a great and huge bruise. My fault since I should have known better. Once she was saddled and we rode away from the distressed horse she was just fine.

She is really sensitive to other horses stress.

The ride went well. Earl the QH was even able to keep up with us  (arab and TB) and we even led through the forest trail!


Horse update. Approximately 9 miles on the trail today, Nala wanted to keep going down the trail all on her own so we all followed her… Here are a few pics of her current condition…(Pardon my obsession with her gorgeous horsey tush, but she is in good shape!)… And a pics of her field mate Satin (and me) who is jealous of Nala getting to go out!

72716b72716c72716d72716f72716h72716jSatin and mesatin and me2

Awesome, Video from, our ride!!


Solo beach and Sunset trail ride. We galloped the beach and rode through the forest all on our own! So much fun! I needed a good gallop today and so did Nala! The pics are from our round pen warm up!

pre ride 73116apre ride 7311673116c



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