COTBH August 2016 with Nala the wonder horse…

8 20 16Silly Girl. I have not taken many pics this august. This is a body score shot from today the 20th. She looks pretty good, a few minor cuts from the field? One on her rear leg and another on her neck? I guess from rubbing the fence or rolling on rocks?

Over the month of August, we got in a few beach rides with Becka and Halla, and a solo beach ride. Today we did a solo trail ride around the farm.  Pics below.

Nala did great on trail today the 2oth. We walked calmly in the round pen first then rode the perimeter of the fields mostly walk but some trot.

We did one ground work lesson with Charlie Snell on August 8th, after his clinic at our farm (which I missed) but he really helped us with leading on the ground and establishing a space bubble for Nala. She is also quite a bit calmer and learning to stand at the tie rack down the hill (away from the other horses).


8/22/16 Ride with Becka and Halla on Gearhart beach! Awesome gallop!

8 22 16 acrp

BS images: 8/22/16 She is looking a bit thin in the hip and rear area! bs side 8 22 16


BS images: 8/22/16

rear bs 8 22 16

8/31/16 Lost track of my rides, I think I rode last Saturday and Thursday on the beach with Becka and Halla. Rode solo today in the round pen and fields. Nala was great. Working on rating our speed and me sitting at the canter rather than cross country seat (half seat).



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