COTBH November progress, feeding and Body Score Shots

Nala seems to be dropping weight, it is really noticeable this past week. The barn increased her Strategy by a pound in the am (last week, so 3# am, 1# pm with her supplements), and I increased her rice bran to two cups and boss to two cups, fed with her Pm grain (this week).

She is wanting to eat hay about 3-4 pm when I go, and she doesn’t get dinner hay until about 6pm (she then has hay all night). This week the time changes so she’ll be getting her hay at 4pm so that gives her another hour+ to eat hay.

She is turned out in the field all day but the grass is very short since there are three horses in her pasture. We may change some strategy over to senior grain for the winter for more calories. (Actually, I just looked it up and the calories are roughly the same for each feed, but senior is 14% protein, while strategy is 12.5%).

This Past week: 11/2/16 … Her hip is sunken and withers/tail bone prominent.


Last week of October… 10/28/16…img_20161028_170823035








8 20 16

Summer 2016


Spring 2016april 1 b

Back when I got her day 2 March 2nd, 2015: vs.  Last week.

gwen 2BS image 1st wk Nov 2016.jpg


Dana has increased her evening grain (to 1.5 #) and I have increased her rice bran and BOSS, so we hope she can put some weight on. She is thin for going into winter. I may have to add something else since she has pasture all day but the grass is short and she get as much hay as she can eat at night but she is not gaining.


Nov 12 and 14th (After a bath)


11/21/16 pic


She is now getting 3# strategy in the am and 1.5# pm, plus 4 cups alfalfa pellets, 2 cups boss and 3 cups rice bran. I hope the added fat will help her gain weight, but she stands out in the rain quite a bit rather than going in the shelter!

For the first week of December 2016 we are keeping her in her own field with a shelter for bad weather and she has been switched to 4# senior a day, rather than strategy. In theory senior is more digestible and has a higher fat content. But he calories are about the same.

I am also feeding 4 cups alfalfa pellets, 2 cups rice bran, 2 cups boss and NW supplement. And she has unlimited hay at night.nala-12-2-16-c-bs

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