Hoof trimming reports. Starting October 2016.

I did my own trim October 27th, since I was out of town for our last two trimmers visits. Nala had a professional trim August 11th.

My friend Becka helped me trim the month before (September), but I finally got my new rasp in the mail and was able to trim myself. Nala’s front feet are not the same at all. One is bigger than normal (like the reverse of a club foot). I was told to trim each foot independently and don’t try to match them up.

Here are some pics to track progress. img_20161027_162620744img_20161027_163419135img_20161027_163452006img_20161027_163500993

11/8/16 just checking growth and shape.


In early March 2015, when I got her she had her shoes pulled. Shows the angle of the left foot (the big foot) was off/odd then as well and the right foot had a blowout and the farrier filled it with epoxy?

IMG_20150410_102225650bowout filledtrim 2 blowout

Later in the spring May of 2015.



Nov 12th update (just the fronts)… I am trying to figure out the correct angle, Her heels grow up on one foot and flat on the other?


Trimmed up again 12/21/16.. no photos yet… I did all 4 feet and was a bit worn out…. She stood fairly well but puller her front foot off the stand a few times.  The above odd angles as still there with the right foot steeper than the left?

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