COTBH December 2016


We have had rain, rain, rain and some windy weather. So our riding is limited.

Here Nala runs up for treats and to say hello.nala-12-2-16-a

Here she gives me the look for “where are all my carrots? ” … sorry Nala you ate them! nala-12-2-16-b

We had a nice ride last week 12/15/16 with Becka and Halla. We went north, and the ride before we went to Gearhart Estuary on 12/12/16.

But, we have been off most of the month due to daylight hours and weather.

BS shot from 12/11/16 below… we have her blanketed now. I need to get a pic. I think her weight is stabilizing.

We are feeding 5 pounds Purina Senior, 4 cups alfalfa pellets, 3 cups rice bran, two cups BOSS, and one scoop NW supp, and unlimited hay/pasture. Grain is broken into Am and Pm feedings. The barn decided to place her hay in a net so it is easier to move around for the other horses to come and go in the field.



After the ride:



Nala says, “take your pics quick, before the other horses laugh at me!”


12/24/16 AND 12/25/16

Two days of beach riding with Andi and the Fresian Mare Rey.


Nala was fairly amped up on day one, but mellow on day two and pretty brave. We rode out from our barn down to the Del Rey access to meet up and Nala went back to the parking lot (to see their trailer) on day two leading the way and walking in puddles!


Andi took some great shots of us at the Gearhart Estuary.




Rode around… Nala was not happy tacking up, she is learning to tie, but she rode just fine, walk trot through the trees and fields! IMG_20161226_131010098.jpg the barn…




We took yesterday off for Nala to rest up.



Rode a short beach ride today. We tried to just walk and did a few trot stretches. Then we did a canter circle and figure eights at the trot to collect a bit more.





Headed to the fairgrounds arena tonight, Nala’s first time. I am interested to see how she does trailering at dinner time and riding in the covered arena with lights.

Nala was great. She hopped in the trailer. I tacked her up in the indoor area. Walked on foot once around the arena so she could see everything (farm machinery, the stands, the grounds, lights etc).  She was great. She did not spook at all.

I rode her walk, trot, canter, halt, and back, and some leg yields. We reversed, did figure eights. Cantered a few times around the perimeter, changed directions.

She was light in the bridle and listened well. We rode with three horses in the arena and she did fine. Once we were done and cooling down more horses came and she called to them  once.

I cooled her out and untacked and she loaded right up to go home. She even backed out of the trailer well, it is extra wide and tall so that helped (it was a straight load sundowner) and it had a rear ramp not a step down!

I was very impressed with her. I said if she acted this way when I first went to try her out I would have paid 3-4X more for her ! I do think she may be a bit tired from all the riding this week. She moved out well but had a bump on her left rear inner leg (cannon bone area). I am not sure if it is a strain or not. She is moving sound but maybe not as big a stride as she likes normally… or maybe the arena inspires a smaller stride than the beach. I wanted to collect her up more but I did not want to over work her. We did a nice collected canter and a working trot.

I am proud of how she did! And So glad I decided to go to the fair with our new friends!


We are scheduled for a beach ride today at 2pm, probably the last ride of the year!

Our ride went well. We rode out with Halla and Becka and met up with Renee and her Arab gelding! We rode to Del Rey first then cantered back to Sunset beach to meet up with Renee, so our girls got a bit sweaty!




Happy New Year. Nala is getting a break today to rest up!

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