COTBH January 2017


Our first ride of the year. The ground has been frozen so Nala had the week off. She was a bit stiff from the cold and hard ground.

We trailered to Fort Stevens to ride some different trails with Andi and Reya. Thank you Andi!



Nala was anxious at our barn tacking up. She got in the trailer within a minute, and once we arrived at Fort Stevens she was pretty calm, but alert.


Our ride went well. Nala wanted to go down to the beach right away. We tried one trail that was flooded and frozen, so we went south down the beach to Delaura Beach lane and rode the dune trails there… Nala led and was very brave.


We cantered and trotted our way back up the beach, then did a nice cool down walk out. Andi lent us a cooler for the ride home, and Nala was almost dry when we unloaded her! She did not pull hard to gallop like she does at home. She steered well. She moved out sound, even thought she was a bit stiff at home (maybe from the frozen and uneven ground in her field). I am so glad we went on this ride, so I can see how well she does in a different place.


At the end of our ride we explored the famous ship wreck.img_20170106_140756778


Her weight looks good. She is wearing a medium blanket due to the cold weather at night (low 30s, high 20’s). Dana, our barn owner said, she thought Nala stopped eating her morning grain when she is in heat so she can go flirt with the boys next door?! But she eats it at night. I will add more alfalfa pellets to her next round of grain.

We hope to have more adventures next week!


We have been off this week due to cold weather. Here is today’s snow pic!

snow day 1 11 17 nala.jpg


A nice beach ride to the Gearhart Estuary! Nala and I rode out from our barn to the Del Rey beach access to meet up with Andi and the Frisian Reya! Nala was a bit feisty tacking up, but once I was mounted she did great. We went out at a trot to the beach, and met up with our buddies. Nala lead most of the way. She was watching her back for bicyclists, kids and dogs but she moved out well. We had a great gallop! And hopefully we got some nice pictures from Andi and her husband!

These are my phone shots!


1/13/17 Beach ride: Nala waiting for the others to tack up!


Riding the dunes toward Gearhart. (South)




Riding the beach on the way home. (North)


1/14/16 Such Gorgeous shots of our day at Cannon Beach, thanks to our friend Andi for the trailer rideĀ and companionship on Reya the Freisan!


Also got caught by a pro…


And Andi… from 1/12/17



Maybe the last ride of the month. Bad weather is coming and we’ll have a week off.


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