COTBH: February 2017

So I am feeling like I am a bit too big for my horse this month. She has lost weight and is racing fit/thin and shorter than my old guy.  Anyway, below is my old horse Foxy at 16.2 hands…I feel like this was a great fit. Of course this is in our hunter saddle so a shorter leg position.

Kelly_n_Foxy 015 croped

Then Nala last year in her summer fit weight standing at 15.2 or 15.3. Leg looks good dressage length.


And this month Nala looking a bit thin and my heel pretty low  in dressage length…16602900_10212230341264508_9168861411126894377_n

Anyway, Not much I can do, we are feeding her all she will eat…I may try to add cool calories as well… but I did not notice much effect last time I tried it. I decided to double; her BOSS for a month from 2 cups to 4.

We have had a few gorgeous rides this month but the weather of course is not too cooperative.



2/11/17 Body Score pic


We also did a few rides with Kelsie on my old lesson horse Cooper. Unfortunately after our first beach ride he had an episode of tying up, which I had not experienced before, the vet gave him some steroids to help.



Adventures with Nala: Nala ran over to say hi, grab a carrot from me, then trotted off… haha… but we went on a nice beach ride anyway! 😉

2 17 17 Nala.jpg

2/18/17 OET Beach Ride at Fort Stevens, Dune Trail



More pics:

On our ride, I discovered Nala has a small sore in the corner of her right lip. I will try to go bitless for a week and see if it heals up, I may also try a myler snaffle instead of my roller egg but. 😉

I think I can ride bitless around the barn, but probably won’t have great breaks on the beach! Here is a shot from last year, I had to add padding to the horse size bridle so it would be small enough for her!

13th e1

I was also gifted a western style rope nose sidepull, I added a neoprene pad to the rope nose and I may try that as well around the barn/fields. Kind of like riding in a stiff rope halter.

Also, The barn is feeding 3# of senior Am and 1# pm, along with my supplement bag of 6 cups alfalfa pellets, 3 cups rice bran, 2 cups BOSS and NW supp.

Nala is still thin. She doesn’t eat all three flakes of hay at night. So I plan to increase Boss to 4 cups and see if that helps.


I just rinsed her off and left her blanket off for the day. Checking BS. I also trimmed her fronts too short (trying to prevent a crack from growing) in the toe on the 9th, but she is moving fine two weeks later.



A local beach ride. The sky is gorgeous! Thank you to Andi, riding Reya, for the pics!



Select pics from our beach ride in Longbeach, WA


The tide pools:


The Beach:


The girls:



Just checking body score and grooming. Today I gave Nala Foxy’s old halter.

Nala 2 26 17 d.jpgnala-2-26-17-bnala-2-26-17-c


The last ride of February!


I tried a myler comfort snaffle (with hooks) a friend gave me and Nala really seemed to respond to it. It was sharper than the eggbut with roller … it is a bit thinner, with more even pressure.


We went on a beach ride solo and did very well! We walked out, trotted, cantered and went over logs. We went up and back near our beach access a few times then headed home. The tide was in and we did not gallop. I was trying to see how responsive she was in this bit. I think it works great, but I had thin reins on it and I prefer the eventa thicker no slip reins, so I will try those the next ride so I can get a better feel. 😉img_20170228_132053729

Looking forward to riding in march!

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