The Start of Spring: Second Half of March 2017

3/18/17 Just a ride on our local beach. Andi took pics. I did not.

3 18 17 a

3/19/17 My first time riding at Nehalem Bay State Park. We rode from the park throught the dunes to Manzanita and Back. It was just gorgeous! And the horses did so well. Nala even tied fine, stood to be tacked and ate grass at the end of the ride. No spooking either, but she did want to gallop (so we had a few stretches of speed).

Andi’s pics as we started south through the dunes.

3 19 17 d

We headed for the Jetty at the end of the beach. IMG_20170319_124211047

There were seals in the water, but my pics of them were not clear.IMG_20170319_125146633

Then we headed North to Manzantia beach, view of Neahankie Mountain.IMG_20170319_131125771

The houses in Manzanita.IMG_20170319_134527096_HDR

Andi stopped for a photo op with some babies, the calm Frisian won. I kept my TB away from the babies! IMG_20170319_134612904_HDR

Looking back south at how far we came. IMG_20170319_140330631_HDR

Cutting back through the dunes to the bay side.IMG_20170319_144239498_HDR

Nehalem bay view.IMG_20170319_145711037_HDR

Nehalem bay view, too.IMG_20170319_145735908_HDR

Before the ride. She is only tied by her cavason, and she was fine. I don’t know why she is so antsy when tied at home?



Went to the Red Barn Arena last night, no great pics. Nala did really well, lazy even. Slow and collected canter, and a working trot and even dropped her head. She was a bit irritated since we left at dinner time and she planted her feet at the trailer ramp. Took a few approaches but she got on… I was taking video of Reya, so I tied Nala after a warm up ride, and she was fine in the arena with us.


I have her on Smart Gut and Smart Digest this month and I decided to worm her with the three rotations just in case. Today was Safeguard (Fenbendazole), she did spit a bit out, but I gave her the full dose. Next time in May will be Ivermectin, then Pyrantel in July. following this type of plan.


Took today off due to the wormer and the weather, but plan to ride Fort Stevens with a couple others tomorrow!


Ride at Fort Stevens with the Mares. We trailered over at 2:30pm. Nala hesitated, but got in the trailer on the second approach. She tied just fine to be groomed and tacked up.  We rode with Reya and a bay arab mare Lily. We tried the dune trail for a few blocks, but it was flooded.


So we went down the beach to the Peter Iredale, and then north to the Jetty.IMG_20170325_161230692_HDR (1)IMG_20170325_161244724_HDR (1)

The tide was out so we had lots of beach! I took Nala over a few logs and she did well. We even cantered a few logs and jumped.IMG_20170325_170537386


It was in the 50’s today, so, I just stopped and took of her blanket, then went back at dinner to re-blanket her. I fed a few carrots. She had a cut on her left rear and I was at first worried but when I hosed it off it was not that big. Looks like she scraped it on wire somewhere?

I am considering training her to use the collar system, for trails and overnight. I need to order her a collar.

The rain and wind arrived again, so we might do an arena ride this week or just wait until the weekend.

Nala also has a weird crack on her front toe. I filed it back and it seems to be growing out. Pic of 3/19/17 after a beach ride, which sand blasted her feet clean!



YEAY!!! The SUN! It finally felt like spring today, daffodils, short sleeves, horse bath and sun! We had a great beach ride (other than the two block chase by a doberman, which we out ran ;-)… and Nala had a rinse off to get rid of the shedding hair and salt… but, I think I am getting freckles… 😉


We actually did circles on the beach, trot and canter and a flying lead change each way! The one the the left was a bit of a cross canter but she switched one her own after two strides! I wanted to end on that note so walked around a bit until the doberman appeared running at us, and I choose to run off, since it was dragging a 10 foot lead, I did not want tangled in our feet!  And it chased us about two blocks before giving up… thank goodness we have a big flat place to run!

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