COTBH: April 2017


April fool’s day. Went for a ride. The elk blocked our path from the barn to the beach, so we had to go around on the road to a different beach path. Nala did well on the roads, but the beach was full of people and windy, so we did a few laps, a quick gallop, and came back to the barn. Here is Nala pre-ride doing carrot stretches.



We took yesterday off. Today we did the Del Rey beach estuary loop with Andi and Reya.



Beach ride mid-day with Reya and Andi. It was overcast but warm, I even hosed Nala off after. She is shedding like mad!


Andi got a few pics of us… 4/4/17

booty 4 4 17hi 4 4 174 4 17 logs4 4 17


Rain kept us off our rides for a week.. but we got out today with Andi and Reya.



Our last ride with Reya. She has a new home!


We trailered to Bayocean spit in Tillamok, OR.  Gorgeous Spring day and great views! 4 15 17

You can jump in a dressage saddle… haha… maybe not with hunter form, but still…Cool 4 15 17IMG_20170415_140818922IMG_20170415_141101025

The water on the Bay side was so blue and lots of fishermen were out in small boats! IMG_20170415_141317395IMG_20170415_141528679IMG_20170415_142446894_HDRIMG_20170415_143619779IMG_20170415_143727848IMG_20170415_144727329IMG_20170415_145027668_HDRIMG_20170415_145121430_HDR (1)IMG_20170415_145131370

At the south end it was so quiet, just, the sea, birds and hoof beats! The best!IMG_20170415_152352455_HDRIMG_20170415_153626650IMG_20170415_153647907_HDR

A body score shot…



A quick solo beach/trail ride on a gorgeous sunny day. Nala was a bit nervous alone (you can tell since she wants to trot or stop and look around, rather than walk out). Went down to the beach and did arena size circles and bending work. We got a few flying lead changes accomplished, no galloping just canter circles.



I realize she is still a full body ride and I am not sure how to make her aids more subtle, but maybe it is from coming off winter, where we just went straight for so long. I free lunged her before the ride and realize I should take the side reins back for a tune up.

Or maybe I will try the Kimberwick too, since she is pulling the giraffe neck. Andi suggested a running martingale, which would be great for the giraffe neck, but if she starts bucking it is the opposite of what I want.  I will look into the stretcher tie down reins the french racing stable used, looks like a good idea for her.

I have also been working on her tying and tacking up. I tied her up above (by the horse fields) and groomed and she was fine. I took her to the saddle area and tied and she was ok, but then the other horses left and she got antsy. And she tried to sit down/pull back, but she was tied short with the parelli halter and she had to give up.  I am not sure if she will learn by being tied firm that she can’t or shouldn’t pull back. But I think it gave her a headache.

She is really quite good when she steps on a rope attached to her halter, she stops and calmly figures it out, so she should get the tying thing, I hope. She was just able to pull free for so long, and now she thinks she can pull loose from the blocker tie rings and get away.

I also gave her a bath and she pulled once in the bath area, but I think she got water in her nose or ear or something? So two pull backs in one day. But anyway she did not break her lead rope snap or fall or get away, so I hope it will improve. She did not pull back when tied up above with her pals. I need to do more ground work.

She immediately rolled when back in her field. I think to get the shampoo smell off! haha. This was the first time she has had shampoo since last summer (just mane and tail because it was so dirty!).


Just a ride around the farm. It was so nice and sunny out today!



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