Hoof trimming reports. Starting October 2016.

I did my own trim October 27th, since I was out of town for our last two trimmers visits. Nala had a professional trim August 11th.

My friend Becka helped me trim the month before (September), but I finally got my new rasp in the mail and was able to trim myself. Nala’s front feet are not the same at all. One is bigger than normal (like the reverse of a club foot). I was told to trim each foot independently and don’t try to match them up.

Here are some pics to track progress. img_20161027_162620744img_20161027_163419135img_20161027_163452006img_20161027_163500993

11/8/16 just checking growth and shape.


In early March 2015, when I got her she had her shoes pulled. Shows the angle of the left foot (the big foot) was off/odd then as well and the right foot had a blowout and the farrier filled it with epoxy?

IMG_20150410_102225650bowout filledtrim 2 blowout

Later in the spring May of 2015.



Nov 12th update (just the fronts)… I am trying to figure out the correct angle, Her heels grow up on one foot and flat on the other?


Trimmed up again 12/21/16.. no photos yet… I did all 4 feet and was a bit worn out…. She stood fairly well but puller her front foot off the stand a few times.  The above odd angles as still there with the right foot steeper than the left?

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November beach and trail rides!

Ride of 11/3/16, Nala and Halla were great, went on the beach with foam, through the neighborhood and the forest and back.img_20161103_163539348img_20161103_163605140img_20161103_165745228img_20161103_165949290img_20161103_173734114img_20161103_173740088img_20161103_173745794img_20161103_174906378_hdrimg_20161103_174908968img_20161103_174915580

11/6/15 (Took 11/4/16 off due to weather) Same view as before!


Rode today at the barn, warmed up in the round pen (in the rain), then rode through the barns, to the field trail, then the forest trail, and we jumped a log, then back to the fields to end our ride. I hosed her off since it was early and she was sweaty from today and past rides.

I was able to tie her and tack her up but she moved around a bit. I also practiced leading and backing her so she would give me space. She backs right away when you say, but she is not backing on her own to give the bigger space bubble like she did with Charley Snell. A new young horse was out at the barn and distracted her quite a bit, but we made it work.

I shortened my stirrup leathers a hole (just put on the new bates leather ones, my birthday gift from September, LOL). SO lets see how I do. It felt pretty secure, not reaching for stirrups but my knees might be tired. It is much more relaxing on your legs to let the stirrups be long but Nala and I might not be fit enough for that, or trained enough! With stirrups too long my lower back was getting sore from holding me up. The real test will be a gallop!

… I realized I was getting bruised from the leathers turning and these irons have the ability to be turned with an allan wrench so the eyes face forward allowing the stirrup to hang straight. I brought my saddle home to try and change it so I can see how that helps?  Also since we got rained on I will clean and condition it!

I also brought my pads home to wash. My old Fleece works saddle pad is falling apart so I am considering ordering a half pad (the fleece is coming off a the girth area where it rubs?) But it’s old I got it in 2003 to show foxy!

11/10/16 Beach ride with Halla and 11/12/16 Solo beach ride and cool down with Amore. Nala relaxing after her ride!


11/18/16 Went on a great beach ride with Halla. We did the estuary loop with a gallop. Nala was great out and back. She was relaxed when not galloping and not spooky even though it was windy. She did a great gallop too, I did not click to push her and she went over a mile from the estuary almost back to Gearhart beach entrance.  After the gallop we jumped a log or two and then cooled out for a stretch. Finally doing a relaxed rounded canter home!

Her jumping has greatly improved as well, she used to be nervous and rushing. I take it as an issue that occurred from her previous experiences. But now she jumps fine and canters away without rushing!  We only jump a few times at most so I am not drilling her and she likes the canter away part. I think they had over drilled her, maybe  caught her mouth a bit and she was stressed anticipating the jump. So she did not like to jump when she came to me. I enjoy jumping her but I am still in the dressage saddle, shorted a hole so I am not in proper form to jump too high.  There was a very big log we jumped though, without a problem, maybe two feet around and we cleared it pretty well.

I am slowing on pics, since it is hard to get my phone out of a zipped coat pocket, it’s much easier if I am wearing my pocket breeches!

Dana has increased her evening grain (to 1.5 #) and I have increased her rice bran and BOSS, so we hope she can put some weight on. She is thin for going into winter. I may have to add something else since she has pasture all day but the grass is short and she get as much hay as she can eat at night but she is not gaining. She has good energy though!

Review of Nala’s progress!  I bought her from a barn that had her stalled 24/7. She had developed head nodding and a bucking habit at the canter. She was unbalanced and under-muscled. It took about 3 months for her to build a top line and resolve the bucking with proper balance. And after a year she is a great trail horse! She was also very nervous jumping and would rush. I did not work on it at all until recently but now on trail she will jump logs like a pro.

body shotbs3


11/27/16 The weather gave us a break and we did the Sunset Beach trail loop with Halla and Becka. I have been reading about endurance and may be interested in a 25 mile ride.

I am sure the horses can do it fine. My left knee gets tired of bracing and pulling to rate her speed. I might just have to let her go and ride it out. I also had shortened my stirrups since I got new leathers and I might just have to go back to riding with a half hole too long rather than too short!  I can also ride her in the deeper sand to slow her canter and try to use the left lead so my right knee can take some of the work.

We may have to look into getting a trailer or finding one to rent/borrow for our rides.

I found a training schedule for spring:

Limited time Training plan endurance L/D

Weeks 1-4: Start doing 8 mile loop in 1.5 hours.
Each Saturday/Sunday cut the time down until by the 4th week you’re near 1 hour.

Weeks 5-6: Add 4 miles.
Now up to 12 each Saturday/Sunday.
Do it in 2 hours or so.

Weeks 7-8: Now at 16 miles.
Have a VC (vet check) break in between the 8 mile loops.
Begin checking recovery HR (heart rate) time (magic number is 60 for me) adjust pace accordingly.
Faster if they come in at 60. Slower if it takes them over 10 minutes to hit 60.
This is prior to any cool down.

Weeks 9-11: If all is going well – I add a third 8 mile loop.
So for these three weeks, I’m doing a practice LD (Limited Distance) every Saturday/Sunday.
I’m checking recovery times at the two trailer breaks, making sure they eat/drink well, and adjusting pace/electrolytes accordingly.
Also finding out what snacks and clothes work for me as well.

Week 12-on: I back off. Do 20+ miles training ride 2-3 times each month, with a short one thrown in – or skip one.
At this point, if you just do a 20+ mile ride every other week – they’ll stay in shape.


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COTBH November progress, feeding and Body Score Shots

Nala seems to be dropping weight, it is really noticeable this past week. The barn increased her Strategy by a pound in the am (last week, so 3# am, 1# pm with her supplements), and I increased her rice bran to two cups and boss to two cups, fed with her Pm grain (this week).

She is wanting to eat hay about 3-4 pm when I go, and she doesn’t get dinner hay until about 6pm (she then has hay all night). This week the time changes so she’ll be getting her hay at 4pm so that gives her another hour+ to eat hay.

She is turned out in the field all day but the grass is very short since there are three horses in her pasture. We may change some strategy over to senior grain for the winter for more calories. (Actually, I just looked it up and the calories are roughly the same for each feed, but senior is 14% protein, while strategy is 12.5%).

This Past week: 11/2/16 … Her hip is sunken and withers/tail bone prominent.


Last week of October… 10/28/16…img_20161028_170823035








8 20 16

Summer 2016


Spring 2016april 1 b

Back when I got her day 2 March 2nd, 2015: vs.  Last week.

gwen 2BS image 1st wk Nov 2016.jpg


Dana has increased her evening grain (to 1.5 #) and I have increased her rice bran and BOSS, so we hope she can put some weight on. She is thin for going into winter. I may have to add something else since she has pasture all day but the grass is short and she get as much hay as she can eat at night but she is not gaining.


Nov 12 and 14th (After a bath)


11/21/16 pic


She is now getting 3# strategy in the am and 1.5# pm, plus 4 cups alfalfa pellets, 2 cups boss and 3 cups rice bran. I hope the added fat will help her gain weight, but she stands out in the rain quite a bit rather than going in the shelter!

For the first week of December 2016 we are keeping her in her own field with a shelter for bad weather and she has been switched to 4# senior a day, rather than strategy. In theory senior is more digestible and has a higher fat content. But he calories are about the same.

I am also feeding 4 cups alfalfa pellets, 2 cups rice bran, 2 cups boss and NW supplement. And she has unlimited hay at night.nala-12-2-16-c-bs

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October update COTBH

Weather has limited our riding, but we still got in a few beach rides!

Here is October’s video of a rainy day beach ride!

I trimmed Nala myself this month and she grew her winter coat. I am tracking her body score as she dropped weight a bit (you can tell inher hips)… but she still looks pretty good!

Here are a  few pics of the Nala the new horses and our barn goat…



Here is the bit we are using, after trying three french links (dee, eggbutt, and lozenge), the Dr. Cooks, and a jumping hackamore. It seems to work pretty well, but she is still a full body ride!


We had a fun beach ride and gallop 10/28/16, (Nala in her flyby mode)…


then, I did a solo trail ride around the barn 10/29/16.


We even cantered up the hill behind our fields! img_20161029_161428666img_20161029_161436630

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September 2016 COTBH updates and pics

Gorgeous Pictures taken by our friend Amanda! These are from earlier this summer but I just got the pictures and I love them!!! I can really see how well Nala is moving! And, that I am sitting nice and centered.202125-ab2831414243crop-fourcrop-sevencrop-twelvefast

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COTBH August 2016 with Nala the wonder horse…

8 20 16Silly Girl. I have not taken many pics this august. This is a body score shot from today the 20th. She looks pretty good, a few minor cuts from the field? One on her rear leg and another on her neck? I guess from rubbing the fence or rolling on rocks?

Over the month of August, we got in a few beach rides with Becka and Halla, and a solo beach ride. Today we did a solo trail ride around the farm.  Pics below.

Nala did great on trail today the 2oth. We walked calmly in the round pen first then rode the perimeter of the fields mostly walk but some trot.

We did one ground work lesson with Charlie Snell on August 8th, after his clinic at our farm (which I missed) but he really helped us with leading on the ground and establishing a space bubble for Nala. She is also quite a bit calmer and learning to stand at the tie rack down the hill (away from the other horses).


8/22/16 Ride with Becka and Halla on Gearhart beach! Awesome gallop!

8 22 16 acrp

BS images: 8/22/16 She is looking a bit thin in the hip and rear area! bs side 8 22 16


BS images: 8/22/16

rear bs 8 22 16

8/31/16 Lost track of my rides, I think I rode last Saturday and Thursday on the beach with Becka and Halla. Rode solo today in the round pen and fields. Nala was great. Working on rating our speed and me sitting at the canter rather than cross country seat (half seat).



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July 2016 with COTBH

July 2nd we rode with Leo, Dakota and Diesel and their riders… Nala and I followed and led through the wildlife corridor (a new path for us)  and down to the beach. Nala was great on the trail, but high energy at the beach.


Joe on Leo (Above).

7/4/16 July 4th we rode with Halla on the beach and through the forest trail! Lots of activity on the beach but we did just fine! I did hit my knee on a tree but it was not Nala’s fault, I did not turn her in time. But I was so proud since she did not flinch at tarps, tents, kites, kids, and the general chaos of the 4th of July preparations. Luckily no fireworks went off since we went out at 1pm.

7/6/16 Visiting horses at the barn made Nala high energy today. Rode in the round pen a bit but too hot and too much anxiety for Nala to do more… The horses were calling and she was calling back and just being up energy…still a track horse sometimes!


Awesome Helmet Cam video of our typical Gearhart Beach ride, complete with Galloping!

Here is our video from a few months prior!


7/10/16 I just brushed her and bagged up her grain.


7/11/16 Awesome solo beach ride. Nala was great! We rode out, opened the gate mounted, and rode to the beach with Mickey the dog. She wanted to go a bit fast, trot and canter so we did some large circles. We also cantered a half mile loop. Then she was calm and we walked slowly back.

7/12/16 And another awesome Beach ride with Nala and Halla! About a 7 mile loop to Sunset Beach trail.

Pics are after the ride and bath! Nala loves water!



9 mile beach and trail ride with a gallop. Our speed is TBD, but on our last ride we clocked well over 26 MPH in passing that horse wearing the gps! 😉

Nala was not happy to go out since it was dinner time but once we hit the beach she was focused on fast, and forgot dinner!

MPH reading, holy speed batman!

“You won’t believe this…I was reading the fastest TBs have been clocked at 55 mph. My Garmin clocked Nala at a top speed of 47.3 mph!!!”


Went on a beach trail ride with Halla and Earl. Nala was quite high energy tacking up since Earls pasture mate was screaming from separation anxiety. I tried to pick her back feet and she kicked me! Just a bit of a warning shot not too bad. I should’ve stopped but I tried again and she kicked me in the thigh!

I now have a great and huge bruise. My fault since I should have known better. Once she was saddled and we rode away from the distressed horse she was just fine.

She is really sensitive to other horses stress.

The ride went well. Earl the QH was even able to keep up with us  (arab and TB) and we even led through the forest trail!


Horse update. Approximately 9 miles on the trail today, Nala wanted to keep going down the trail all on her own so we all followed her… Here are a few pics of her current condition…(Pardon my obsession with her gorgeous horsey tush, but she is in good shape!)… And a pics of her field mate Satin (and me) who is jealous of Nala getting to go out!

72716b72716c72716d72716f72716h72716jSatin and mesatin and me2

Awesome, Video from, our ride!!


Solo beach and Sunset trail ride. We galloped the beach and rode through the forest all on our own! So much fun! I needed a good gallop today and so did Nala! The pics are from our round pen warm up!

pre ride 73116apre ride 7311673116c



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